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November 24th, 2017

BCNMUN Conference

Summary of first debate day in General Assembly

Anuka Mohanpuhr, one of the hard-working members of the media team and 10th grade student at the American School of Barcelona, provides a concise summary on the second debate day occurring at the General Assembly after a truly fruitful debate. 

"Today marked an exciting start to the second day of BCNMUN. The General Assembly began by debating the proposed resolution (submitted by the UAE) on the topic of the threat of cyber terrorism this morning. To introduce the resolution, the delegate of the UAE pointed out that, “It does not matter where cyber terrorism is done..we must not let it happen in our day and age.” Senegal was the first to submit an amendment to ensure that social media platforms serve all nations, so as not to give an unfair advantage on the US (since most large social media companies have been created and are based in the states). The final vote on the amendment was overwhelmingly in favor.

Next, the Delegation of Belarus proposed to eliminate an entire clause in the resolution because the delegate believed it was “superfluous.” The UAE responded quickly by stating, “the whole idea of clause 7 is to encourage and recommendation, not to provide a framework.” A tight vote followed, and resulted in 58 against, and 41 in favor, which was not enough for the amendment to pass.

Throughout the entire morning, the delegates questioned the legitimacy of each amendment, and engaged in insightful debate about the topics. There were numerous proposed amendments and speeches to the resolution, which eventually passed with an overwhelming majority."


Pictures of the day

Venues of the conference: some of the most beautiful spots in Barcelona

Daily Interviews: Day 2

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Summary of debate day in the Special Commission for European Affairs

Pablo Urrutia, one of the youngest and most heart-warming admins in the conference, is a 9th grade student at the American School of Barcelona.  

He provides his own summary of the debate of the first topic discussed at the SCEA.

"Delegates in the committee of European affairs started the day by debating the chosen resolution on the recent and important topic of “the Accommodation of refugees in the Schengen area”. As the main submitter of the resolution, Malta read out the operative clauses and answered point’s of information from the delegates. The delegates then started the debate. In total, 8 amendments were submitted and debated, and many points of informations were asked. The delegates participated constantly, and debated on the amendments fruitfully making the debate very constructive and successful. After this exciting debate, the delegates finally voted for the resolution as a whole and with a majority voting for the resolution, it passed. "

Katie Thompson, senior at the American School of Barcelona, is one of the key members in our media team. Her keen eye for design and fashion have sparked her interest on of the aspects of this conference; the venues. The venues of the conference are marvelous architectonic constructions that definitely deserve a spot in our daily magazine.

"The fifth BCNMUN conference held its Opening Ceremony in the University of Barcelona, in a historic hall that mesmerized the hundreds that attended. The building in which the hall was built in is called the Literary University Building, and it was built in the late 1800’s. It then later became opened for educational purposes in 1871. The hall’s location is very close to Plaza Catalunya, a central and famous area in Catalonia. The building, and thus the hall, was inspired by the neo-Romanesque style and constructed by Elies Rogent, which is very obvious when taking a look at the grand university. Not only was the location of the Opening Ceremony selected very wisely in a creative manner, but so was the chosen location of the conferences. The NH Collection Barcelona Constanza Hotel opened its doors to roughly 400 participants of BCNMUN on Thursday until Saturday. The hotel provided an entire floor for the conference with four spacious rooms for the committees to hold their conferences in. What makes the location truly special is not solely the conference rooms, but instead the waiting room. This room is surrounded by large window walls that bring a great amount of natural light to the lobby, creating a comfortable yet professional environment for the delegates and admins to have their coffee breaks in and spend time working on their assigned material. Comfortable cushioned chairs are placed by the windows and rounded tables spread around the lobby, enabling an effective working place for groups. Not only is the interior of the hotel extremely beneficial for the conferences, but so is the exterior. Just in front of the hotel, the L’illa Shopping Centre can be found, which doesn’t only provide coffee for the exhausted attendees of BCNMUN, but it also provides tens of affordable restaurants for lunch that vary greatly in cuisines, such as Japanese, American, and Italian. Evidently, both the interior and exterior factors of the hotel are excellent for conference purposes, and therefore the organizers can be greatly applauded for their selection. 

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