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November 25th, 2017

BCNMUN Conference

Closing Ceremony Video

Summary of first and second debate day in SOCHUM

This year's closing Ceremony Video has been created by Anna MacGrath, an 11th grade student at ASB. 















Nicolás Brennan, 12th grade student at the American School of Barcelona as well as the Delegate of Turkey in SOCHUM, has dedicated a few words to summarize the first and second debate day.

Day 1: 

"The first day of debate in SOCHUM was both fruitful and entirely fun. The two resolutions submitted were approved by delegates and therefore passed successfully. Nonetheless, the second resolution on self-determination, was approved by a slim majority of one vote. Throughout the day, a large number of delegates performed outstandingly. Namely, the delegations of China, Australia, Saudia Arabia, Germany, Syria and Turkey. Debates often became heated and personal, especially when the delegation of Turkey was involved".

Day 2: 

"The last day of debates in SOCHUM sure was a memorable one. Especially for those who, unfortunately, have this day be their last MUN experience, yours truly is one of such unlucky souls. The day began with the rather masterful resolution on the water crisis in the Sahel crafted by the delegate of New Zealand. This resolution encapsulated everything an MUN conference should strive for: Constructive, concise, ambitious, and most importantly, optimistic. The clear dedication and skill of the delegation of New Zealand's resulution was clearly felt by the room. The resolution for ths pressing issue was passed almost unilaterally by the committee, save a couple of amendments. It is truly invigorating for a veteran delegate such as I to be able to see the best MUM can bring about.
The crisis situation, however, was a lovely contrast. Delegates did heir best with a limited time frame to solve the problem at hand. Undeniably though, many delegates also took the opportunity to do their best to enjoy their experience at the conference. I still definitely believe, however, that a successful resolution was adopted by the end of the debate. In conclusion, I am glad to have had this SOCHUM as my last MUN experience." 

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Last day of BCNMUN: The schools attending this conference

Júlia Polo - USG Media

Today, Saturday November 25th, marks the final day of the 2017 BCNMUN conference, considered to be a celebration of the conference's 5th year anniversary and the first student-led conference. A group of six senior students at the American School of Barcelona have dedicated their full efforts and hard work to bring this conference to life. The conference has intended to celebrate their 5 years of experience by encouraging participation from a variety of international and local schools. The goal of the MUN conference lied in creating an intercultural encounter among High School students, who share a passion to debate and learn about relevant real-world issues.  

The outcome of such hard-work and yearn to build a multicultural conference has been accomplished in part by the participation and attendance of 20 different schools. 

The local schools from Catalonia include: the Kensington School, Frederic Mistral, Agora Sant Cugat International School, St. Paul's School Barcelona, The British School of Barcelona, Benjamin Franklin International School and  Deutsche Schule Barcelona. The conference has also held local schools that surpass Catalonia's borders. These include the American School of Valencia, in the autonomous community of Comunitat Valenciana. 

BCNMUN has also hosted international schools outside of Spain. These include the Lycée Français de Vienne coming from Austria, the CEV OHEP School from Turkey, the Haut-Lac International Bilingual School from Switzerland, the Herlufsholm Skole from Denmark, the International School of Moscow from Russia, the International School of Nice from France, the Addictest from Morocco, and two Italian schools which include L.S.S Augusto Righi and Liceo Linguistico Internazionale Gracia Deledda. 

Pictures of the day


Summary of second debate day in GA

Anouka Mohanpuhr

The GA continued debate this morning on the topic of taking action to prevent gender related violence towards women and children. The chosen resolution was submitted by Nepal. The delegate gave a very powerful speech about the treatment of women and children, stating that, “violence against women and children is global.” The Human Rights delegate picked up on this thread, explaining that the resolution prevented further gender related violence, while the delegate from the UAE pointed out that the resolution seemed only to be treating the symptoms of gender related violence, instead of solving the problem at the root. The delegation of Turkey echoed this, saying “This resolution is not a cure, it is merely a painkiller.”

As numerous amendments were debated, a core issue repeatedly arose, being that developing countries do not have much financial capital, but struggle with violence against women. At the same time, these countries are struggling with crippling issues such as extreme poverty, and therefore do not have the funds to aid victims of gender related violence (as suggested in the proposed resolution). One delegate even said, “How is fair that we should not prioritize educating children in science and math and instead educate them about female genital mutilation?” Despite this, the resolution was passed in an overwhelming majority, with 99 delegates in favor and 15 against.

After the morning coffee break the GA was shown a video on a crisis situation about refugees. A resolution with amendments that were submitted by Russia and Belgium aimed to

provide transport for refugees (such as to France or Germany), and provide water and food for the refugees. This resolution did not pass.

It was very interesting to watch the delegates in the GA engage in passionate debates about amendments and resolutions throughout all days of the conference.  

Summary of second debate day in SC

Crisis Situation in Hungary!

Catalina Castañeda - Summary on debate occurring on November 24th

The Security Council concluded and passed a resolution on the first issue debates yesterday. The council then proceeded to debate the Question of the South China Sea, which open an intricate debate and controversy among delegations. A resolution was submitted on the topic by the Russian Federation; however, due to an amendment submitted by several opposing delegations of France, UK and US, China and Russia had no choice but to veto the resolution as a whole. Later on, debate on the last issue, Reforming the SC for the 21st Century, began. A resolution was submitted by Senegal and will continue to be debated tomorrow (November 25th). 

Júlia Polo - USG Media

The sun shone brightly as usual in Barcelona. The day seemed to follow its usual course in the NH Hotel Constanza, where an agglomeration of 17 and 18 year olds dressed in fancy attires had been discussing truly pressing issues for the last two days. The last debate day in every committee seemed to be running smoothly, when all of a sudden, Secretary General Juliana Fernández stormed into the rooms interrupting any type of delegate intervention to the debate to inform students of an unexpected crisis situation occurring in Hungary. Chaos unraveled. All resolution being discussed in each committee were put aside in order for delegates to devote their full attention and efforts to tackle the sudden crisis in Hungary. Delegates would have to work together, and under pressure to ensure a coherent solution. Delegates were informed through a BBC retransmission from Hungary. 

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