Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement for BCNMUN?

BCNMUN is catered towards high school students, spanning from grades 9-12 according to the American system.  

 By when should schools register for BCNMUN 2021?

Depending on how your school is willing to pay there are different deadlines, yet the last possible deadline for BCNMUN 2021 is February 1st.  You can find all the deadline and payment information on our sign up sheet which is now available. 

When will Agenda Issues be determined?

BCNMUN Team has already selected the issues for the upcoming conference. Research Reports will be uploaded prior to the conference and will be announced on our Instagram @bcnmun2021

How can a delegate find clues to research issues or to draft a resolution?

We recommend delegates access our website and go to the delegate center section under which there is research reports section where student officers will post a research report to guide delegates on each issue. Plus, there is a recommended sources for research section where delegates can access a list of recommended sites for research. To draft a resolution, we recommend delegates go to our delegate center and click on the resolution section where delegates can access documents related to resolutions. There delegates can also access the THIMUN Guides which include not only information on resolution but on many MUN aspects.

We recommend delegates pay close attention to proper format for resolutions, and ensure proper punctuation use is followed. For example, parentheses are only used to write an acronym after the name of an organization such as the World Health Organization (WHO), or a comma ends each preambulatory clause but a semi-colon ends each operative clause while a colon introduces a list of items. Remember, since delegates simulate the United Nations, resolutions must adhere to guidelines given and ensure proper English usage. To this end, we recommend delegates have access to journalism guides such as the Associated Press Stylebook plus dictionaries, including bi-lingual dictionaries.

 Where will BCNMUN 2021 be held?

BCNMUN 2021 will be an online conference. 

What is the dress code?

All participants in BCNMUN, delegates, officers, administrative staff and directors, are expected to follow the basic THIMUN Dress Code during the whole conference. The main guidelines can be found in the THIMUN Basic Guideline posted on our website.

What are the possible delegation sizes?

BCNMUN 2021 will have five forums. Delegation size varies this way: Security Council countries must be present in all four forums with one delegate per forum. Disarmament can have 140 delegates, UNODC and UNHCR can have 80 delegates and General Assembly can have 200 delegates. Delegation list will indicate which forum each delegation will be present in. 

Will all delegations make an Opening Speech?

No, due to foreseen time constraints, BCNMUN will limit opening statements. BCNMUN will indicate which of their school’s delegations make opening statements when they submit their forms. 

Will Non-members delegations, such as UNHCR or FAO, be able to participate on all votes?

To enable non-member delegation delegates to exercise full participation in BCNMUN 2021, we will permit non-member delegations to participate in all votes, as if they were member delegations.

How can someone remain up to date about BCNMUN 2021?

Please consult our website at Alternately, you may contact MUN Director Monica Villanueva at, or our secretary general Pablo Urrutia  at

For more information about the rules, procedure and guidelines of this year's ONLINE CONFERENCE, please consult the Handbook. 

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