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Evaluating the ethics and legality behind abortion

Black Markets: The responsibility of the modern world in monitoring and reducing the illegal transfer of black listed drugs and substances.

Fake News: setting standards to balance the media’s right to expression and the public’s right to truthful news.

Adrianus Marcellus Pont is a chair in the General Assembly. He was born in the U.S, moving around until he eventually moved to Barcelona in 8th grade, and has lived here since. He is currently a senior in the American School of Barcelona. He began taking MUN in 10th grade, feeling it was for the best if he took an effort to sharpen his public speaking skills, ability to think quickly, and overall knowledge on global politics. Ever since, he has attended 5 conferences in Barcelona, three as a delegate, and two as a chair. He hopes that chairing for BCNMUN will push other students like himself to pursue global politics, whether it be as a hobby or a career, and to give other students the opportunity to have and participate in challenging and enjoyable debate.


Tara Bertran is one of the chairs of the General Assembly . She is currently a junior student at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Paris, but is Spanish and Turkish. Since she started her in MUN experience in 8th grade, she has attended 7 conferences around the world, including THIMUN in the Netherlands, HarvardMUN in China, SPIMUN in Russia, and a few more around Europe. She has had the privilege to experience Model United Nations from several perspectives as Tara has take on the role of being delegate, administrative staff and this year as a chair for the first time. Tara believes MUN is a way to develop useful life skills while having fun since by participating delegates develop many skills such as public speaking skills, research skills, learn about other perspectives, become aware of current ongoing issues and meet new people from different backgrounds. She is honoured to be part of the BCNMUN team, looks forward to meeting all of the delegates and hopes to have a fun and enriching debate.

Lola Hugas is a chair at this year’s BCNMUN and is currently a sophomore at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Barcelona, but shortly after moved to London where she was raised. At age 11 she returned to Barcelona and has been there ever since. Due to her passion for debating and collaborating with others, she joined her school’s MUN programme in 8th grade. Since then, Lola has attended a total of 5 conferences both local and international, including THIMUN in The Hague and SPIMUN in Russia. After experiencing a successful first conference, Lola has fallen in love with MUN since the beginning. Not only because you meet people from all over the world, but also because you have the opportunity to generate solutions for real world conflicts. She believes that we are the future of the problematic world that has been handed to us, and it is our task to improve it. Lola firmly believes that we show initiative by engaging in activities such as MUN that provoke deeper thinking and boost essential public speaking skills . In Model UN all delegates have the power to make a difference, which is why she encourages everyone to push themselves out of their comfort zone and have a wonderful debate!

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