Setting Global Standards for International Intervention to Ensure Global Safety and the Protection of Human Rights

Capital Punishment: Questioning the Legality and Ethics behind the Death Penalty

Implementing Global Measures to Minimise the Risk and Impact of Future Pandemics

Alvaro is a chair in the General Assembly. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina although his family is originally from Barcelona. He has lived in 6 different places including Argentina, Mexico, New York, Milan, Miami, and now Barcelona. His international background has allowed him to understand the world through various perspectives. Alvaro moved to Barcelona for years ago and has been involved in many extracurricular activities in school such as being part of both the school’s soccer team and creating the school’s first men’s volleyball team. In 9th grade, Alvaro joined the MUN program, and since then he has had the opportunity to participate in international MUN trips such as IMUN in Lisbon, HMUN in Beijing, and SPIMUN in St. Petersburg. He has experienced the roles of both a delegate and admin in these conferences, and is eager for his new role as a chair. Alvaro has been and will continue to be an active supporter of MUN due to the opportunities MUN brings. It's not only a great way to meet new people from around the world, but also  a great way to improve one’s public speaking. Lastly, it helps develop skills such as negotiation, communication, and teamwork. Alvaro is looking forward to what he hopes will be a fun yet productive debate!

Tara is one of the chairs of the General Assembly. She is currently a senior student at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Paris, but is Spanish and Turkish. Since she started her MUN experience in 8th grade, she has attended 8 conferences around the world, including THIMUN in the Netherlands, HarvardMUN in China, SPIMUN in Russia, and a few more around Europe. She has had the privilege to experience Model United Nations from several perspectives as Tara has taken on the role of being delegate, administrative staff and chair in the past. Tara believes MUN is a way to develop crucial life skills such as public speaking skills, becoming experts on current issues that affect us all, and learning about different delegate's backgrounds, all meanwhile in an enjoyable experience. She is honoured to be part of the BCNMUN chairing team again and looks forward to meeting all of the delegates in order to have a fun and enriching debate.

Luna is a chair for this year's General Assembly. She is currently a junior in the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Amsterdam and has lived in Barcelona for the past 6 years. She has been an active member of her school’s MUN team since she was in 8th grade. Throughout her MUN experience, Luna has had the privilege to attend seven conferences as a delegate all around the world, including THIMUN in the Hague, SPIMUN in St. Petersburg, MADMUN in Madrid and both BIMUN and of course BCNMUN in Barcelona. She has experienced different perspectives of a conference having been a delegate, admin and now chair. Luna has always longed for a peaceful world and believes MUN is a great first step. She wishes to help out inexperienced delegates with their struggles and help them grow into confident pursuing delegates. Luna is looking forward to a fun yet educational BCNMUN 2020!


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