Yann Grechez is a junior  in ASB. He is originally french but has lived his whole life in Barcelona, Spain. Overall, he has attended 6 MUN conferences all around the world, including 2 BCNMUN ones as a delegate. His favorite conference was NHSMUN 2020 in New York due to the fascinating debate dynamic and the relationships he created. He started MUN in 8th grade because of his particular interest in current events; he had and still upholds a long-term goal of bettering the political organization we all fall under to a significant extent. With an appeal for passionate debates and the exchange of knowledge, he seeks for the General Assembly to be a committee in which all delegates feel comfortable and walk out of the conference room knowing more than they previously did.


Olivia Garzo is a chair of the General Assembly at BCNMUN. She is currently a senior at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Barcelona, Spain, where she has lived most of her life but has also lived in Amsterdam for 2 years when she was younger. Ever since she started MUN in 8th grade, she has attended many conferences including BCNMUN in Barcelona, MADMUN in Madrid, and THIMUN in The Hague. After attending all these conferences, she has grown to love MUN and it has given her the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Olivia believes that Model United Nations is an enriching experience that opens your mind to a multitude of current world issues and gives you the opportunity to find solutions for them. Not only does it help you develop important skills such as debating, public speaking, and teamwork, but it also allows you to look at the world from different perspectives. During the days of debate, she encourages all delegates to have their voices heard and share their ideas with the rest of the committee. She is excited to meet all the delegates and hopes for an engaging and productive debate!


Establishing measures to protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers.

Implementing Global Measures to Ensure Data Privacy and Security in the Digital Age

Gabriel Rodgers Weil is a chair of the General Assembly. He was born in Barcelona, and has lived all of his life there. He is currently a junior, attending his fifth year at the American School of Barcelona. Gabriel joined MUN in 8th grade because of his love for geopolitics, debating, public speaking, and solving worldwide issues. After attending 4 national and international MUN conferences, and being the youngest person to attend BCNMUN, he can say that MUN has helped him develop confidence, leadership, and communication skills, as well as making him aware of the many significant problems that the world is facing. MUN has helped Gabriel hone his debate and public speaking skills, have the ability to meet diverse groups of people and make great connections, and it has helped him understand the importance of solving the geopolitical, humanitarian and medical issues facing the world. MUN has given Gabriel his most treasured memories, and he hopes that as a Chair he can make it possible for a new generation of MUNers to be able to have the incredible experiences that he has had, as well as acquire the important skills that have made him a skilled debater.

The question of establishing policies to eradicate corruption in the criminal justice and government systems.

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