Ensuring the cybersecurity of NATO member states in regards to the emergence of 5G technologies

Combating the threat of Russian disinformation intervention in NATO member state elections

Determining the role of the United States in the future of NATO

Anastasia Larionova is a chair of the NATO committee. She is currently a sophomore at the American School of Barcelona. Anastasia is originally from Moscow, Russia, yet she has been living in Barcelona for the last five years. She has been participating in Model UN conferences since eighth grade after which she has developed a passion for public speaking and raising awareness about some of the world’s most pending issues. Ever since then she has volunteered to work at multiple soup kitchen programs over the summer as she believes that even the smallest impact matters. Anastasia thinks that Model UN is one of the greatest programs for students as it not only helps with self confidence and public speaking, but also encourages young people to understand how flawed our world is. For Anastasia chairing a Model UN conference is just small part of a very long journey that is waiting ahead. She is honored to be a chair at this years BCNMUN. Her hope is not only to gave a highly intellectual and meaningful debate, but also to find a reasonable solution.

Anita Filippova is president of the  NATO committee at this year's BCNMUN. Currently, she is a junior at the American School of Barcelona. Anita was born in Tallinn, Estonia, and lived there her whole life until moving to Barcelona in 2015. In 8th grade, she joined the Model United Nations programme, which was something new to her and not her usual area of interest. However, that year she went to her first conference and ever since has been an active member of the MUN programme. Throughout 9th and 10th grade, she participated in another six conferences around the world. Each time, Anita felt her growth as a delegate and as a person, especially in public speaking, quick thinking, and research. Anita is looking forward to ensuring that each delegate is participating in the debate, as well as learning and growing as a person like she did when coming to a conference. She believes that students joining the MUN programme have an advantage in seeing the inner workings of the world that they usually don’t notice, -- from how countries negotiate with each other to how much nuclear waste there is in the world. Furthermore, all of this gives the students an advantage in knowing how to then change the world for the better once they enter their professional lives.

Anastasiia Kravtcova is the chair of the NATO Committee and is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine, but has since lived in Kazakhstan, Dubai and is now in her sixth year of living in Barcelona. Anastasiia has been involved in the MUN program since 8th grade and throughout the years of participation, has attended multiple conferences such as THIMUN (The Hague) twice, MADMUN (Madrid), BCMUN (Barcelona) and SPIMUN (St. Petersburg). Although Anastasiia wants to pursue a career involved with design, she sees MUN as an incredibly important and impacting experience, as it can open one’s eyes to the fact that even the most difficult issues the world is facing today, have solutions when dedication and cooperation are practiced. MUN has helped Anastasiia to transform from a shy individual, into an avid debater and a confident public speaker. As a chair, Anastasiia wants every delegate to have a similar growing experience, while learning more about the global issues that need to be tackled today and can impact the future. She believes that MUN can help every delegate gain a sense of purpose to change the world for the better, as it has done to her, as well as give them a chance to participate in challenging and rewarding debate. In her free time Anastasiia is engaged in art, writing, photography and her studies of French.


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