Antonia Teofilova is a chair in the Political Committee. She is a junior at the American School of Barcelona with a passion for public speaking, debating, and leading. She was born in Bulgaria and she has lived in Barcelona for the past 7 years. Antonia is involved in various activities, such as sports, MUN, school newspaper and other opportunities offered by the school. She has been a part of Student Council, multiple summer leadership programs, and is currently involved in chairing this MUN conference. She has also been involved with NESDA (speech, acting, oral interpretation and debate), however after a year she decided to focus mainly on MUN. Antonia started her MUN experience when she was 8th grade and since then she has participated in 7 conferences in Madrid, Lisbon, the Haag and Barcelona. Antonia believes that MUN provides a learning, thought-provoking and leadership experience, as it promotes awareness, maturity, social skills and responsibility. Furthermore, it teaches students about the world on a global scale. MUN prepares students for life outside of school and teaches them the necessary skills in order to succeed in a public atmosphere and international relations. Antonia is honored to form part of the BCNMUN 2021 conference, and is excited for a fun, yet productive debate in the Political Committee.

Ensuring the security and privacy of voters to maintain the integrity of online elections.


Advay Johary is the chair of the Political Committee in 2021’s BCNMUN. Presently, he lives in Barcelona, Spain and has been for the past six years. Born in India he's travelled and experienced living in several countries such as Australia, and the UK. He is  currently a freshman doing his third year of MUN, and started in eighth grade and started out as a delegate in the General Assembly of BCNMUN 2019. After attending and participating in several virtual conferences he has gained experience throughout the years of both virtual and in person conferences. As a person he has always been curious about learning the politics and general global concepts that affect the lives of people around the world. MUN has given him a chance to learn how to communicate and investigate these engrossing topics. It's given him a great opportunity to interact with so many different people and provide him with essential skills and knowledge of value. Skills like public speaking and being comfortable to talk and communicate with new people are valuable skills that he has picked up. Advay looks forward to attending and chairing the debate of this committee.

Addressing territorial disputes in the Arctic.


Xocas Álvarez is currently a Junior at the Benjamin Franklin International School, being half American, half Galician, he is currently in his fourth year of living in Barcelona. Before coming to Spain, Xocas lived in New York City, where his passion for politics and MUN began. In addition to MUN, Xocas also enjoys other activities such as Judo, Piano, Sailing, and hanging out with friends. Having attended previous editions of BCNMUN, Xocas is looking forward to chairing in Political Committee and hopes for an amazing and productive time at BCNMUN 2021.

Finding a solution to the situation in the South China Sea.

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