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November 23rd, 2017

BCNMUN Conference

Summary of the Inaugural Ceremony of the 5th BCNMUN Conference  

The opening ceremony of the 5th BCNMUN was held in the beautiful UB Paranimf Hall, featuring a wide large array of powerful speakers. While they spoke on similar topics, the nuances in their speeches provided a nice arc in the inaugural ceremony. The high school principal of the American School of Barcelona, Glenn Chapin, spoke about the question of globalization and dedicated his words to a personal anecdote about inclusion. He addressed the need to incorporate gender neutral pronouns into our vocabulary in order to acknowledge the wide range of gender identities people all around the world feel represented by. Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués, who works at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals and is a CIS Fellow at the London School of Economics,  provided a thoughtful analysis on the effects of globalization on our world today. The speeches given by Joseph Mass and Bar Stern had brought back the focus to Model UN, and encouraged students to follow their passions.

One of the most standout moments from the ceremony arrived at the end of the ceremony, right after the announcement that there would be a snapchat filter for the conference. That was, unquestionably, the fashion show organized by the fundraising committee. Students walked down UB Paranimf Hall to 24K magic by Bruno Mars, while modeling BCNMUN sweatshirts and shirts for sale.

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Inaugural Ceremony of the 5th BCNMUN Conference  

This year's conference kicked off with a marvelous Opening Ceremony at the Sala Paranimf at the Universitat de Barcelona. The beautiful room served as the ideal space for Juliana Fernández, Secretary General, to "oficially declare" the start of the conference. 

This year's Opening Ceremony Video, created by Grace Wang, is recompilation of real-life footage summarizing all of the issues being addressed in the 2017 BCNMUN Conference. The video includes brief summaries on the topics discussed in all 4 committees.

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Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the amazing BCNMUN's Secret Runway Show?

The opening ceremony took a tremendous turn when Jisoo Kang, Fundraising Coordinator, surprised us all by announcing a catwalk to display the conference's merchandise. After her thoughtful words about the Rohignya crisis, which will be the cause that receives the aid raised during the conference, Bruno Mars' spectacular vocals suddenly broke into the room. His globally known hit "24K", led the rhythm for 4 members of the admin staff to show off their runway skills, wearing the official BCNMUN  t-shirt and sweatshirt. Wei Yang, Scout Estrazulas, Adrián Martínez and Selena Georgieva's performance wrapped up the end of the ceremony, and proved that MUN is all about building fun and memorable experiences. 

Daily Interviews: Day 1

Introductory Video by Grace Wang

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We're running out of merchandise!

It has been a truly productive day. Our Fundraising team has been truly successful when selling our BCNMUN merchandise, and raising assistance for the Rohignyan crisis in Myanmar. 

Security Council debates have begun today

Security Council has began their debates on the topic of Central America at the Crossroads of Global Trafficking. Catalina Castaneda, delegate at the Security Council, has written a brief summary about their first day of lobbying and debate. 

"Delegates began BCNMUN 2017 by meeting with their allies to merge and share resolutions, very excited to see the fancy set up of the Security Council room. Successful lobbying took place on all 3 issues, during the course of two hours. A resolution by France was decided upon by the approval panel, and the Security Council begun its first session on the question of Central America as the epicentre of trafficking world wide. So far, only 3 clauses have been passed on the resolution; the very first clause was vetoed by both the Russian Federation and China. The debate has been resumed until tomorrow".

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