The question of legalizing worldwide euthanasia and assisted suicide as legal medical practices

Establishing and maintaining political neutrality when delivering humanitarian aid.

Combatting the consequences of medical misinformation regarding the Ebola crisis in Eastern and Western Africa

Mariana Araujo is a chair of the UN Human Rights Committee. She is currently a junior student in the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Salamanca, Spain to Brazilian parents and had lived in Miami, Florida until 9th grade when she moved to Barcelona. She started participating in Model UN conferences in her freshman year and throughout her experience, she has attended a total of seven conferences all around the world, including conferences in St. Petersburg (SPIMUN), Lisbon (IMUN),  and The Hague (THIMUN). MUN is an essential part of her life as law and international relations are areas she wishes to study. She looks forward to attending BCNMUN, and hopes to see a constructive debate in her committee.

Katerina Contreras is a chair in the UN Human Rights Committee. She was originally born in Barcelona, Spain but is also proud to say that she has Russian and Andalusian blood running through her veins. She had her first MUN conference in 8th Grade and since then has diligently debated all throughout her following conferences. In January of 2018, she attended THIMUN for the first time, and finally realized what it really felt like to fight for the ideas you believe in. She defended all her opinions to the end and hopes to keep doing that for the rest of her life, helping others around her as much as possible. As chair, Katerina hopes to encourage other delegates to go up to the podium and also defend their ideas although it may be scary at first. Model United Nations proves to be an eye-opening experience which helps develop the abilities to debate, defend your ideas, speak in public, research and become acquainted with the current situation of any country that is being given to you. All these abilities will prove to be necessary for life sooner or later, therefore, Katerina strongly encourages many other students to take part in these activities and what they can achieve in doing so. As cheesy as it could sound, she hopes the debates result fruitful, and see what the delegates are able to bring to the world.

Marta Ros is Chair of the UN Human Rights Committee. She is currently a senior in the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Barcelona, Spain and has lived there ever since. Marta started her MUN experience back in 10th grade and ever since has had the opportunity to attend eight different conferences, such as; BMUN, BIMUN, and BCNMUN in Barcelona. IMUN in lisbon, and has attended THIMUN (The Hague, Netherlands) as delegate and chair. She has fulfilled the roles of delegate, admin, and chair, and has learned from it to always think creatively, out of the box, and to create controversies in a conference to enhance the debate to its fullest. Marta highly encourages other delegates to contribute and to put their ideas out into the debate as it will always bring more challenging concepts to defend and prove from the standpoint of a country that may not mutually agree with our own opinions. Although Marta wants to be a scientist in the future she still preserves a deep connection and passion for MUN as it has helped her to improve her public speaking skills in a very short amount of time. She is excited to meet all of the delegates in her committee and wishes for everyone, including the first-timer delegates to work hard on the topics before the conference so that the debate becomes an entertaining and proactive one!


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