Alexia Ibarra Valencia is a chair in Security Council. She is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona with an interest towards international relations. She was born in the United States and lived there for the majority of her life until she was almost twelve, when she moved to Barcelona to fulfill her High School education here. Alexia began participating in MUN conferences during her freshman year as a way to meet like minded people with similar interests. Her attention shifted during confinement, but she has returned to MUN after realizing that her previous international conferences have provided different insight on social, political and cultural problems all around the world. She believes that MUN helps individuals grow to be leaders one day, discover true passions, become more confident in themselves, and form lasting friendships with people all over the world. Her passion does not in fact lie in political science, but rather hopes to study either medicine or biomedical/biochem engineering. The skills acquired in conferences such as these can be applied to many other aspects of life and are ultimately beneficial in the long run. Some of her best memories have been at MUN and hopes that everyone can enjoy their time as much as she did in the past.

The Nagorno-Karabakh region: Finding a solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict.


Victoria Alvarez is a chair of the Security Council.  She is currently a junior in her first year of the International Baccalaureate at the American School of Barcelona and has lived in Spain for 4 years. Before that, she lived in San Francisco, California for the first 12 years of her life. She fell in love with MUN after attending her first conference at BCNMUN and later THIMUN and discovered the opportunities it gave delegates, allowing them to discuss politics and current events with other individuals who shared their passions. Victoria believes every student should have a chance to experience MUN and is glad to be a chair as well as part of the executive board in BCNMUN. She hopes that delegates enjoy and have a chance to experience something new in their debates this year. 

The Technological Era: Combatting the spread of terrorism through social media.

Carlota Figueroa is a chair of the Security Council. She is currently a senior at the Benjamin Franklin International School, where she has been studying since 9th Grade. Born and raised in Madrid, she moved to Dubai in 2014, where she lived for 4 years, until moving to Barcelona in 2018. Carlota is a very active member of her school community as she is the President of the Student Council and the Secretary General of the school’s MUN club. Model United Nations is one of Carlota’s biggest passions and she has a very special connection to it. She thinks MUN is the perfect opportunity for students to meet new people, gain a deeper understanding of the political, social and economic issues around the world as well as continue developing their public speaking skills. She has participated in a total of 7 conferences as a delegate in committees such as the Security Council, the International Court of Justice or NATO, and this will be her second as a chair. Carlota is looking forward to serving as chair of the Security Council and is hoping to see delegates engage in an enjoyable and fruitful debate!

A History of Occupation: Developments in the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

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