The Threat of Global Warming: Regulating the Exploitation of Pollutants and Non-renewable Energies. 

Enforcing peACE in Maghreb: Finding a solution to the Maghreb Uprising.  

Justice for Indian Muslims: A Solution to Religious Persecution.

Ruben Moreno is the president for the Security Council for BCNMUN 2021.  He was born in Barcelona and has lived there since. He is currently a senior student in the American School of Barcelona. He is particularly passionate about math and science, and is a hobbyist runner. He began taking MUN in 9th grade, wanting to improve his public speaking skills, and extend his global awareness. Since then, he has attended 6 conferences in Barcelona as a delegate. This will be his first conference as a chair. He believes MUN offers people a great opportunity for students to develop their soft skills as well as their understanding of global issues while engaging in an enjoyable debate.

Emma Poma is a chair of the Security Council. She lived the majority of her life in Southern California, before moving to Barcelona in 2018, where she has lived since. She is currently a sophomore at the American School of Barcelona. Emma started MUN in 8th grade, and has been an active and eager MUN participant ever since. She has been to 4 MUN conferences, all of which she greatly enjoyed. Emma likes that MUN helps her learn about the different points of view of world events and issues, and helps her to improve her public speaking skills.  She believes that MUN is a fun way of learning to understand our world while also learning to speak in front of an audience. BCNMUN will be Emma’s first time chairing, and she is very honoured to be given this opportunity. She looks forward to helping foster an enjoyable and productive debate.

Adrian Crespo is a chair for the Security Council and a senior at the American School of Barcelona. Born and raised in Barcelona, he fluently speaks Spanish, Catalan, and English. He has participated in 8 conferences as a delegate, all in Barcelona except for two in Lisbon (IMUN) and one in St. Petersburg (SPIMUN). Adrian is passionate about MUN as it gives students a chance to learn and understand how international relations work, and how politics work. He has had a lot of fun through his last 3 years as a delegate and now wishes to extend his horizons by chairing BCNMUN. He wishes to create an appropriate but fun environment in his committee and hopes that all his delegates enjoy the conference and MUN as much as he does. 

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