Analyzing the Conduction and Legality of New Age Space Travel and Exploration

Discussing the regulation of private military contractors and their role in conflict resolvement

Security of the Press: Ensuring Protection for Journalists in Latin America

Joe Alkubeh is the president of the Security Council for BCNMUN 2019. He is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona. Joe was born in Syria and lived there for 9 years until he moved to Beirut, Lebanon in 2012. In 2017, Joe moved to Barcelona. Joe’s moving around allowed him to learn Arabic, English, and Spanish. Joe’s passion for MUN was derived from his interest in politics and the failure of finding a solution to the conflict in Syria, and so he hopes that as a chair he could work with future generations to solve world issues. Joe started participating in MUN in his sophomore year and has attended four conferences being BMUN, BCNMUN 2018, THIMUN, and BIMUN. Joe has been looking forward to being chair ever since his first conference in order to explore different perspectives of MUN. Throughout his experiences, Joe has learned how to work with people with different cultural backgrounds and political perspectives and hopes to work with the delegates of the committee to have a rich debate with realistis solutions that could help the world one day.

Benjamin Rodriguez is a senior from the American School of Barcelona. Born into a mixed American and Argentinian family, he has equal parts love for freedom and meat. This is his fourth MUN conference, and will be his first time as chair. His passion for MUN stems from his interest in global affairs. MUN for Ben is a way to prepare our generation for the difficult and turbulent future that awaits the world, and a mechanism through which students like himself are able to practice handling said issues of the future. He hopes BCNMUN will be the best conference yet.

Jovan Ilijev is a chair for the Security Council and a senior at the American School of Barcelona. Born in Athens, he comes from Serbian parents but has lived in China and Italy as well, but for the past 10 years has resided in Barcelona. With a passion for language and people, he has previously been a part of ASB's New European Speech Debate and Acting Association program and has been part of MUN for over two years. Jovan has stuck with the program for so long because he believes in its potential to give young minds a way to both sharpen their rhetorical ability and to better understand the mindset and the critical thinking that takes place in international diplomacy. He is honored to form part of the BCNMUN 2019 team and looks forward to presiding over the debates in Security Council.


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