Discussing the role of energy as a means to develop the world sustainably

 Misinformation: Questioning the widespread gender bias in textbooks across different education systems.

Questioning the role of artificial intelligence in modern day societies

Jian Zhao is the president of UNESCO he is currently a senior at the American School of Barcelona. He was born and raised in Ulanqab(Wulanchabu), a small city in China, and moved to Barcelona in 2017. In his first year he decided to join MUN in order to improve his public speaking skills and to pay more attention to current events in the world. Jian has since then developed a passion for MUN. He thinks MUN offers him the great opportunity to approach world issues in an interactive way. Being exceptionally talented in mathematics, Jian also viewed MUN debates as a chance to arrange and express arguments in a logical way to convince others. Jian is amazed by the amount of young people who care about the world gather together and passionately make discussions, and hope this will keep happening. He has previously participated in MUN as a delegate, and looks forward to the new challenge of being a chair. As a chair of UNESCO, Jian will do his best to encourage delegates to participate and truly show their care for Education, Science and Culture. At the same time, he hopes all delegates will learn something from the experience and improve their skills, just as he did in his conferences. 

Emma Eeckhout will be Charing the UNESCO committee. She is a junior at the American School of Barcelona and has always had a passion for public speaking. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and when she was six years old she moved to Barcelona. She has lived there ever since. Emma started her MUN career last year and has been able to attend two conferences. BCNMUN 2018, and SPIMUN 2019, in Russia. Model United Nations has become her new found passion not only because of the aspect of the debate but also because it brings delegates together to find solutions for pressing topics that are out in the world today. She hopes to continue her MUN experiences further into her high school years and expects to explore international relations as a possible career path. Emma is extremely excited to be chairing this year's UNESCO's committee for she hopes to learn and help others learn while having a fun and productive debate.

Pablo Urrutia is a chair of UNESCO. He was born in Barcelona and has lived all his life here, attending all school years in the American School of Barcelona. However, Pablo has been involved in many extracurricular activities in school such as the Rotary club and Student council, and practices golf, tennis and ski after school. Eighth grade was his first year of MUN and since then he has had the opportunity to participate in international MUN trips such as HMUN in Beijing, THIMUN in the Hague and SPIMUN in St. Petersburg. Over the 7 conferences he has attended, he has been mostly a delegate and admin and therefore is excited for his new chairing experience yet to come this year. Pablo is and will be an active supporter of MUN because of two main reasons. MUN is an opportunity to socialize with different people and cultures, and by far is one of the most international experiences one can have. Secondly, it is a chance for students to further enrich their knowledge on current world issues and most importantly develop soft skills such as negotiation, communication, and teamwork. Pablo is looking forward to those three days full of passion, fun and productive debate.


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