Establishing Global Measures in order to Prevent the Use and Fabrication of Chemical and Biological Weapons

Establishing International Security Through Regional Measures: The Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace

Implementing Global Measures on the Distribution and Acquisition of Firearms

Dani is the president for this year's Disarmament Committee. Dani is currently a junior-year student at the American School of Barcelona. He was born in Barcelona, Spain and has lived there ever since. Dani joined MUN in eighth grade, when it was first offered. He believes MUN is an enriching experience since it constantly gives him the opportunity to collaborate and learn from others to create original and ingenious solutions to active and threats to present and future societies. It is also a parallel that provides the ability to further develop social, communicational, critical thinking and research skills as an individual. Dani was fortunate enough to maturate these endowments over an extensive span of seven international conferences (MADMUN, IMUN, BCNMUN, SPIMUN, THIMUN and NHSMUN) including the active participation of the two most recognised and biggest conferences in the world. Having experienced MUN multiple times through both a delegate’s and a admin’s perspective, Dani is excited to lead a committee this BCNMUN 2021 for the first time!

Mariana will be charing the Disarmament Committee. She is currently a senior student at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Spain to Brazilian parents, but had lived in Miami, Florida until 9th grade, when she moved to Barcelona. She started participating in Model UN conferences in her freshman year and throughout her experience, she has attended a total of eight conferences all around the world, including conferences in St. Petersburg (SPIMUN), Lisbon (IMUN),  and The Hague (THIMUN). This would be her second time chairing BCNMUN, as last year she was a chair in the WHO committee. MUN has been an important part of her academic career as law and international relations are areas she wishes to study in the future. She looks forward to attending BCNMUN, and hopes to see a constructive debate in her committee.

Alvaro is a chair for this year's Disarmament Committee. Alvaro is currently a senior studying at the American School of Barcelona. He grew up in Madrid, but has since moved to the UK and Bahrain, until he arrived in Barcelona two years ago. Having an international background has allowed for him to be a fully functioning bilingual and has helped him build his understanding of the world and different cultures.  Alvaro is passionate about debate and global events, as he began debate in 7th grade in competitions like World Scholars Cup. He soon became interested in pursuing the MUN style of debate, with his first experience as a delegate being as a freshman. He has since taken part in many MUN conferences. Alvaro enjoys MUN as he believes that it is a great medium to meet new people from around the world, and take upon the responsibilities and roles of UN country representatives. Alvaro hopes that his committee is both fun and interesting, but also entertains an engaging debate for an effective resolution.


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