Pau is a chair for this year's BCNMUN ECOSOC committee. He is currently a student at the American School of Barcelona. He was born in Rome, but is Spanish and Turkish. Since he started his MUN journey in 8th grade, he has attended several conferences around the world, including NHSMUN in New York City, BCNMUN in Barcelona, and a few more around Europe. He has had the privilege to experience debating in MUN from the perspective of several nations as Pau and has collaborated with people from all over. Pau believes MUN is an excellent way to develop debating and critical thinking skills which will be beneficial in his future. He is honoured and excited to be part of the BCNMUN chairing team and looks forward to meeting all of the delegates in order to have a fun and enriching debate which will help us not only develop skills but also lifelong relationships.


The LGBTQ+ community: implementing global measures to ensure the protection and legality of its members.

Hilla Bruchstein is a chair of the Economic and Social Council. She is currently a junior student in the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Tel Aviv, Israel but has been living in Barcelona, Spain for the last 9 year. She has participated in three MUN conferences and this will be her first time chairing. MUN has helped Hilla become a better public speaker and has given her the chance to learn about different global challenges and socialize with new people. She believes that participating in MUN conferences provides an enriching experience for all as it offers opportunities to collaborate and learn with others, promotes a sense of global awareness and advances debating and public speaking skills. Hilla looks forward to the next BCNMUN 2021 and is excited to see how the delegates debate the topics at and. 

 Preventing the funding of terrorist organizations to avoid threats to international peace


Txell Reguant is a chair of the Economic and Social Council committee of BCNMUN 2021. She was born and raised in Barcelona and is currently a senior student in the European School of Barcelona. She has been participating in MUN and EYP conferences since she was a sophomore,  where she became passionate about Model United Nations, debate and international relations, which are areas that she is willing to explore in her professional life. In her opinion, understanding and being aware of international issues can help us comprehend the world we live in and how to make it a better place. She has attended six conferences since then and has been able to live this experience from different perspectives, as a staff member, as a delegate and as a chair. She believes that Model United Nations is beneficial for all students as it fosters the improvement of debate skills and the ability of speaking in public. Txell is excited to see how the debate turns out and hopes it's both enriching and productive.

Addressing the implications of cryptocurrency as a global currency.

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