BCNMUN 2021 Pt 2 Resolutions


Here you can find the resolutions that will be debated in each committee. 

General Assembly

Topic 1: Establishing measures to protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers.

Topic 2: Implementing Global Measures to Ensure Data Privacy and Security in the Digital Age.

Topic 3: The question of establishing policies to eradicate corruption in the criminal justice and government systems.

Economic and Social Council

Topic 1: The LGBTQ+ community: implementing global measures to ensure the protection and legality of its members.

Topic 2:  Preventing the funding of terrorist organizations to avoid threats to international peace.

Topic 3: Addressing the implications of cryptocurrency as a global currency.

Political Committee

Topic 1: Ensuring the security and privacy of voters to maintain the integrity of online elections.

Topic 2: Addressing territorial disputes in the Arctic.

Topic 3: Finding a solution to the situation in the South China Sea.

Security Council

Topic 1: The Nagorno-Karabakh region: Finding a solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict.

Topic 2: The Technological Era: Combatting the spread of terrorism through social media.

Topic 3: A History of Occupation: Developments in the Israel-Palestine Conflict




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