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Hilla Bruchstein is one of the chairs for the ECOSOC committee. She is a senior at the American School of Barcelona with a passion for debating and public speaking. She was born in Tel Aviv and moved to Barcelona in 2014. She has participated in eight MUN conferences and this will be her second time chairing. MUN has helped Hilla become a better public speaker and has given her the chance to learn about different global challenges and socialize with new people. She believes that participating in MUN conferences provides an enriching experience for all as it offers opportunities to collaborate and learn with others, promotes a sense of global awareness and advances debating and public speaking skills. Hilla looks forward to the next BCNMUN 2022 and is excited to see how the delegates debate the topics at hand.

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Yasmin Ayuso is one of the chairs for the ECOSOC committee. She is currently a junior student at the German School of Barcelona. She was born in Barcelona, Spain and has lived in Barcelona her whole life. She joined MUN as a freshman, in 9th grade, and has already taken part in five different MUN conferences. Yasmin believes that partaking in Model United Nations can provide benefits such as expanding your worldly knowledge, improving diplomacy and negotiation skills, building relations with new people, enhancing your public speaking, debating and writing skills, as well as teaching you to think analytically. Furthermore she sees MUN as a chance for students to get an idea of the procedures of the United Nations, giving them a glance at how international peace and security is provided in our current world, an aspect that has relevance in people’s daily life. Yasmin hopes to encourage all delegates to participate and help them gain the benefits MUN provides. She looks forward to taking on the role as chair in BCN MUN 2022 and conducting a fruitful and productive debate!

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Eugenia Rios is one of the chairs for the ECOSOC committee. She was born and raised in Mexico until she had to move to Barcelona due to her parent’s work. She moved in the summer of 2020, and loves the city a lot. Currently she is a sophomore at ASB. All throughout her life, she has always been very “opinionated”. So when she was presented with the opportunity to join MUN in 8th grade, she didn’t hesitate to take it. She really liked it, so she decided to do it again in 9th grade, then again in 10th. She loves debating about issues regarding social and political conflicts around the world. Thanks to MUN, Gen has acquired various skills such as public speaking, international awareness, developing relationships with people with all backgrounds, and being able to investigate important conflicts in the world. Gen wishes for delegates to create their own cherishable memories in MUN and to have a fruitful debate. She wants to be a chair to guide delegates into feeling more comfortable sharing and speaking in front of many people and to develop skills during the debate that will help them in the future. 

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