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Eugenia Rios is the president chair for UNODC and the head of chairs for this year's BCNMUN conference. She was born and raised in Mexico until she had to move to Barcelona due to her parent’s work. She moved in the summer of 2020, and loves the city a lot. Currently, she is in eleventh grade at the American School of Barcelona. All throughout her life, she has always been very “opinionated”. So when she was presented with the opportunity to join MUN in 8th grade, she didn’t hesitate to take it. She really liked it, so she decided to do it again in 9th grade, 10th grade and 11th grade. She loves debating about issues regarding social and political conflicts around the world. Thanks to MUN, Gen has acquired various skills such as public speaking, international awareness, developing relationships with people with all backgrounds, and being able to investigate important conflicts in the world. She also joined the program of debate, making public speaking one of her passions. She chaired in BCNMUN 2022 and BIMUN 2023. She wants to be a chair in BCNMUN again to guide delegates into feeling more comfortable sharing and speaking in front of many people, and to develop skills during the debate that will help them in the future. Gen wishes for delegates to create their own cherishable memories in MUN and to have a fruitful debate.


Lola Agüera Samber is one of the chairs for UNODC. She was born in London into a British/ Spanish family and moved to Barcelona when she was 2. This is her 14th year at the American School of Barcelona and she is currently in 11th grade. During 10th grade, she participated in various conferences as a delegate, such as, BCNMUN, BFISMUN and BIMUN.  Since Lola was in 8th grade she has been hearing about MUN all the time,  so when the opportunity came for her to join in the 10th grade, she finally signed up to see what the fuss was about and loved it since her first conference. Since joining MUN it has helped her gain skills such as confidence, public speaking, and compromising with opposing opinions. It has also helped her gain knowledge on current events and professional etiquette which she hopes to carry out in the future. She aspires to be a lawyer and thinks MUN is great practice for her and anyone with a similar aspiring job. She hopes to make it a great time for everyone participating and wants to make sure all delegates have a good experience. Throughout her experience in MUN she has made great memories and gained many skills and she wants to help others do the same.


Ayaan Tadesse is one of the chairs of UNODC. He was born in North Carolina in an Indian and Ethopian family. He moved to India at 3 at lived there there for 5 years, until moving to Barcelona at the age of 8. Ayaan is a sophomore in his 8th year at the American School of Barcelona. He joined MUN as soon as possible in 8th grade and has participated in various conferences such as BCNMUN, BMUN, BFISMUN. MUN has helped Ayaan hone his debate and public speaking skills, have the ability to meet diverse groups of people, and make great connections, and it has helped him understand the importance of solving the geopolitical, humanitarian, and medical issues facing the world. MUN has given Ayaan his most treasured memories, and he hopes that as a Chair he can make it possible for a new generation of MUNers to be able to have the incredible experiences that he has had, as well as acquire the important skills that have made him a skilled debater. He hopes he can make a positive impact on all delegates in the UNODC in BCNMUN’s XIth edition.

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