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UNODC Topics

Slavyan Teofilov is the President Chair of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime committee. He was born in Sofia into a Bulgarian family and moved to Barcelona when he was 5. This is his 11th year at the American School of Barcelona, and he is currently in 11th grade. During 9th and 10th grade, he participated in various conferences as a delegate, such as BCNMUN, THIMUN, BIMUN, IMUN and BFISMUN. He joined MUN when he first got the opportunity to, in 8th grade although it was just for a quarter of the year. Through MUN, Slavyan has developed his skills in public speaking and problem-solving. It has also given him more discipline, self confidence and has helped him expand his knowledge on current events. MUN has always been very interesting to Slavyan as it brought a light to things he otherwise would have never thought would interest him. Throughout the 11 years he has spent at ASB so far, he has helped many members of the community through being a part of the student council, class president and representative speaker. He hopes to do the same thing by being a chair at BCNMUN 2024. For him, MUN has brought many new friends, memories and experiences. He looks forward to helping others do this too.


Anabel Escamilla Espada is one of the expert chairs for United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, and is currently a senior at the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Barcelona and grew up in a Spanish family her whole life. She previously went to the school Ameli, then moved to ASB in 4th grade and has stayed there ever since. During her high school years, Anabel actively participated as a delegate in various MUN conferences such as BCNMUN, BIMUN, and THIMUN. Through engaging in a variety of extracurricular activities, including co-teaching a skate class, teaching English in elementary schools, and more recently, participating in South Face where she contributes to awarding scholarships to young girls in Africa, Anabel has honed her leadership skills. She enjoys engaging in public speaking and debate, both in class and school projects. Through these MUN experiences, Anabel has gained valuable insights that helped her develop a variety of skills, from self-confidence to leadership skills. However, what truly captivates her about MUN is the opportunity to connect with new people. As a chair, she is committed to forming bonds among her delegates. Anabel looks forward to sharing her experiences with all participants and wishes for a successful BCNMUN conference!


Aine Stuhan is a BCNMUN UNODC chair for its 12th annual conference. She was born in Portland, Oregon, but has lived in Barcelona for 13 years, attending a Catalan concertada for the first years of her life, but switching to ASB as a first-grader. She grew interested in MUN the very first opportunity she had to join the program, knowing it would assist her in furthering a number of important life skills. After her introduction to MUN in eighth grade, she jumped at the opportunity to participate in conferences such as IMUN (Lisbon) , BCNMUN (Barcelona), and BFISMUN (Barcelona)  as a delegate the very next year. Aine is eager to participate in her first conference as a chair this year. MUN has allowed Aine to develop her public speaking and diplomacy skills, in addition to keeping up with the world events transpiring around her, which she believes to be imperative knowledge. Along with growing from conference to conference, MUN has developed her general confidence. Aine values these opportunities greatly because they allow her to interact with new and unknown people and to collaborate with them to solve world issues. In this conference, Aine hopes to help delegates do the same with each other and come to viable solutions to the issues presented to them.

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