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Advay Johary is the chair of the General Assembly in 2023’s BCNMUN. Presently, he lives in Barcelona, Spain, and has been for the past six years. Born in India, he's traveled and experienced living in several countries such as Australia and the UK. He is currently a senior doing his fourth year of MUN and started in eighth grade as a delegate in the General Assembly of BCNMUN 2019. After attending and participating in many virtual conferences he has gained experience throughout the years of both virtual and in-person conferences. As a person, he has always been curious about learning the politics and general global concepts that affect the lives of people around the world. MUN has given him a chance to learn how to communicate and investigate these engrossing topics. It's given him a great opportunity to interact with so many different people and provided him with essential skills and knowledge of value. Skills like public speaking and being comfortable to talk and communicate with new people are valuable skills that he has picked up. Advay looks forward to attending and chairing the debate of this committee.


Daria Sidorova is one of the chairs for the General Assembly this year. Born in Moscow, she moved to Barcelona 4 years ago and is currently a junior at The American School of Barcelona. Throughout her high school journey, she grew a passion for international relations, which brought her into the Model United Nations community as she commenced her freshman year. Since then, she got a chance to take part in various conferences, including those abroad, local, online, and present, as well as having a chance to take part in the conference. Having obtained that experience, Daria is really excited about sharing her knowledge with others, serving once again as a chair. Furthermore, being convinced that MUN is one of the best ways to make your impact on society by exploring and finding solutions to global issues, along with developing diplomatic skills and connecting with like-minded people from all-over the world, Daria is looking forward to being part of the chairing team on the 11th annual BCNMUN conference, and is hoping for a fun, yet a productive debate in General Assembly.


Sofia Lago is a chair in the General Assembly of BCNMUN 2023. She is currently a senior student in the American School of Barcelona. She was born in Lisbon, Portugal and has lived in France, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and is living now for the third year in Barcelona. Sofia is currently involved in various programs that prepare students to deal with issues around the world, such as RefugArt. She started participating in Model UN conferences in 8th grade and attended a total of six conferences around the world, including conferences in The Hague (MiniMUN) and (HagaMUN), Berlin (THIMUN), Barcelona (BMUN) and (BCNMUN) and lastly in Lisbon (IMUN). She was able to gain a lot of experience from all these diverse conferences and understand different perspectives and viewpoints. Sofia joined MUN not only to debate and gain insights in global issues affecting our whole world, but also to communicate with other delegates from all parts of the world and view their countries' viewpoints. It allows for everyone to speak up in the desire to improve this world. As Sofia has lived in many different places with different cultures and got to meet different people, it allowed for her to develop many skills for model UN. This program also allowed for Sofia to get a sense of global awareness and sharpen her public speaking and debating skills. Sofia hopes that with her role as a chair she will be able to encourage all types of delegates to speak up and share their innovative ideas as Sofia herself experienced when being a delegate. She is honored to be part of BCNMUN 2023 and looks forward to the debates in the general assembly. 

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