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the executive board 2023

BCNMUN prides itself on being entirely student run, let's meet the students that made this conference possible!

Secretary General

Gabriel Rodgers Weil

Gabriel Rodgers Weil is this year’s Secretary General. He was born in Barcelona and has lived all of his life here. He is in 12th grade, attending his seventh year at the American School of Barcelona. Gabriel joined MUN in 8th grade because of his love for geopolitics, debating, public speaking, and solving worldwide issues. This will be his 10th MUN conference, and being one of the youngest people to attend BCNMUN, he can say that MUN has helped him develop confidence, leadership, and communication skills and made him aware of the many significant problems that the world is facing. The program has helped him hone his debate and public speaking skills, given him the ability to meet diverse groups of people, enabled him to make great connections, and helped him understand the importance of solving the geopolitical and humanitarian issues facing the world. MUN has given Gabriel his most treasured memories, and he hopes that as Secretary General he can make it possible for a new generation of MUNers to be able to have the incredible experiences that he has had, as well as acquire the important skills that MUN has given him.

Debate Coordinator

Philipine Van Meer

Philippine Van Meer is the debate coordinator of BCNMUN2023. She was born in Amsterdam into a Dutch/Indonesian family and moved to a small town near Barcelona when she was 3. This is her 5th year at the American School of Barcelona and she is in currently in 11th grade. During 9th and 10th grade, she participated in various conferences as a delegate and chair, online as well as in person, such as IMUN, BCNMUN, THIMUN, and BFMUN. She joined MUN when she first got the opportunity to in 8th grade after not being able to in 7th grade due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Through MUN, Philippine has developed her skills in public speaking and problem-solving. It has also given her more discipline, self-confidence and has helped her expand her knowledge of current events. MUN has always been very interesting to Philippine as it brought light to things she otherwise would have never thought would interest her. For her, MUN has brought many new friends, memories, and experiences. And as debate coordinator,  she looks forward to helping others treasure MUN as she did.

USG Administration

Noa Gallego Sanchez

Noa Gallego Sanchez is the Under Secretary General of Administration for BCNMUN 2022. The USG Admin manages all the logistics, setting up all the venues, supplies, and transportation required to carry out the event. She oversees the administrative staff's training and serves as the master of ceremonies for the opening and closing events. She was born and raised in Barcelona, making this her fifteenth year at the American School of Barcelona. After attending her first MUN conference at BCNMUN last year, Noa realized she could explore her interests in current affairs while also giving her the chance to meet individuals from all over the world and forge lifelong connections. Being on the executive board entails responsibilities and is a fantastic chance to enhance leadership abilities while ensuring that each participant has the best experience possible. She is delighted to serve as the Under Secretary General of Administration at BCNMUN 2023 and is keen on taking on the responsibility that comes with it. Hopefully, the upcoming conference will be a memorable and unforgettable experience.

USG Finance

Alvaro Martin

Alvaro Martin is this year's finance minister and fundraising coordinator. He was born in Barcelona and has lived all his life here. During most of his time, he has gone to the American School of Barcelona, with this year being his 9th year at the school, and now he is in his senior year. He started his MUN career in 10th grade and has gone to multiple conferences as a delegate. These conferences have not only given Alvaro skills for the future, but it has also helped him create friendships and bonds that he will cherish forever. He is very happy to have had a MUN career and hopes to plan the best meeting possible to initiate many other MUN careers.

USG Media

Riley Wittman

Riley Wittman is the Under Secretary General of Media for BCNMUN 2023. She was originally born in Manhattan, New York, but has since lived in California, Paris, and Barcelona. This is her second year living in Spain, her second year at the American School of Barcelona as a junior, and her second year participating in Model UN. Riley has always been interested global politics and debate, but her participation in conferences such as IMUN, THIMUN, BIMUN, and of course BCNMUN have helped further develop her love for global politics, public speaking, and meeting students from around the world.  Although her interest in Model UN is more recent, Riley believes that Model UN is the perfect place to bond with intelligent minds, challenge your way of thinking, and grow as a human. She cannot wait to combine her love for photography with her passion for Model UN to make BCNMUN 2023 an incredible experience for all delegates!

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