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the executive board 2024

BCNMUN prides itself on being entirely student run, let's meet the students that made this conference possible!


Philippine Van Meer is the secretary general of BCNMUN2024. She was born in Amsterdam into a Dutch/Indonesian family and moved to a small town near Barcelona when she was 3. This is her 6th year at the American School of Barcelona and she is in currently in 12th grade. During 9th and 10th grade, she participated in various conferences as a delegate and chair, online as well as in person, such as IMUN, BCNMUN and THIMUN. At BCNMUN in 2023 she got the opportunity to be debate coordinator and worked to create the content for the conference. Through MUN, Philippine has developed her skills in public speaking and problem-solving. It has also given her more discipline, self-confidence and has helped her expand her knowledge of current events. MUN has always been very interesting to Philippine as it brought light to things she otherwise would have never thought would interest her. For her, MUN has brought many new friends, memories, and experiences. And as secretary general, she looks forward to helping others treasure MUN as she did.

Eugenia Rios is this year's Debate Coordinator.  She was born and raised in Mexico until she had to move to Barcelona at the age of 14. Currently, she is in her senior year at the American School of Barcelona, but has done MUN since 8th grade. Thanks to MUN, Gen has acquired skills like international awareness, open mindedness, and great speaking skills. At first, in 8th grade, she was scared of speaking in a new language, but by joining MUN, and stepping out of her comfort zone and to her surprise, make public speaking, one of her biggest passions. Throughout these 5 years, she's chaired BCNMUN 2 times and was also been picked as the head of chairs for BCNMUN 2023. She also began teaching MUN in middle school along with her best friend, Philippine, in 10th, until now.   She has been through all the stages that this conference can provide: delegate, chair, head of chairs, and now debate coordinator. BCNMUN has seen her grow, and has not disappointed her at any point in 5 years, and it is for that reason that, she will work tirelessly with this year's amazing executive team, to make BCNMUN 2024 the best one of all time. 

Riley Wittman is the Under Secretary General of Media for BCNMUN 2024. She was originally born in Manhattan, New York, but has since lived in California, Paris, and Barcelona. This is her third year living in Spain, her third year at the American School of Barcelona as a junior, and her third year participating in Model UN. Riley has always been interested in global politics and debate, but her participation in 9 conferences as a delegate, chair, or executive have helped further develop her love for global politics, public speaking, and meeting students from around the world. Last year, she had the pleasure of being the USG of Media for BCNMUN 2023, and she is keen on elevating the conference this year and further expanding her passion for media. Riley believes that Model UN is the perfect place to bond with intelligent minds, challenge your way of thinking, and grow as a human. She cannot wait to combine her love for photography with her passion for Model UN to make BCNMUN 2024 an incredible experience for all delegates!

Maya Hanly is the Under Secretary General of Finance. She was born and raised in Ireland to an Irish/Indian family until the age of 7 when she then moved to Barcelona. She has been at ASB for 6 years and is now a 12th grader. She joined MUN in 8th grade as soon as she could because of her love for debate, public speaking, and policy making. Since then she has participated in 7 international and national MUN conferences as a delegate. Through MUN Maya has been able to expand her public speaking abilities, problem-solving skills, and ability to entertain new perspectives, both thanks to interacting with international students and through representing countries with diverse political views. MUN has also benefited Maya by making her a more global citizen with an awareness of global issues with international implications. This year she hopes to ensure that the quality of the conference this year will be upheld, and continue to be such a high-quality conference. 

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Carlo Baronet Vergara is the under secretary general of administration of BCNMUN2024. He was born in Barcelona to a Spanish/Argentinian family, and has lived his whole life in the city he was born in. This is his 9th year at the American School of Barcelona and he is currently in 12th grade. In 11th grade, he participated for the first time in an MUN conference, as an Administrator himself. Through his participation in BCNMUN2023, Carlo has developed his skills in teamwork and participation as well as engaging with others and being at service to whoever needs it, which he likes to do most. It has also encouraged him to get out of his comfort zone, try new things, and work with new people. Carlo is excited to bring his leadership skills and efforts to lead the team of administration at this year’s conference, and is looking forward to working with others as well as learning new things with the whole BCNMUN2024 team. As under secretary general of administration, he looks forward to making this conference an enjoyable experience for everyone through the administration department.

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