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UNHRC Topics

Aitana Viñuales Carranza is one of the expert chairs in UNHRC. She was born and raised in New York City into a Spanish and Peruvian family, until she moved to Barcelona the summer of 2020. This is her 5th year at ASB since then, and she is currently a student in 10th grade. Aitana first joined MUN in 8th grade, when given the opportunity through a lynx class. After having participated in speech and debate before, she instantly knew she had a profound passion for public speaking, and was eager to try MUN. After a few classes, she knew that MUN was for her, and went on to participate in various conferences throughout 9th grade, including BCNMUN, OAKMUN, BFISMUN, BIMUN, and IMUN. Through MUN, Aitana has been able to further develop her public speaking skills, and has learned to feel confident sharing her ideas in front of a crowd, something she once struggled with. Additionally, MUN has helped her collaborate well with peers and people she’s just met, allowing for new friendships to come from the conferences she’s attended as well. It has also given her the opportunity to expand her knowledge about the world we live in, keeping her up to date with all current events. Overall, throughout her MUN experience, Aitana has grown an immense interest and appreciation for it, and has also grown a lot as a person, and she hopes to do the same for others in BCNMUN 2024.

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Leia Taubinger is one of the expert chairs of UNHRC. She was born in Maui, Hawaii, where she lived until she was eight years old. She then moved to San Diego, California for three years and then Camden, Maine for another three. She moved to Barcelona when she was 14 years old, and is currently an 11th grader in her third year at ASB. Throughout her time at ASB, Leia has participated in NESDA (speech and debate), soccer, MUN, and went on an immersive service trip to Botswana. Ever since joining MUN in 10th grade she has been intrigued and eager to be as involved as possible,  she has attended conferences such as IMUN, BCNMUN,THIMUN, and BIMUN. As Leia is extremely interested and passionate about public speaking and international relations she is considering pursuing this path in her future. For her, MUN has brought lasting memories, friendship, new experiences and broadened her knowledge about the world. As she is a very sociable person MUN presents opportunities for her to travel and meet new people from different cultures and countries. As your chair, Leia hopes to bring fun memories and passionate debate to the conference room, and to give the delegates the opportunity to improve their skills while making lasting connections and memories. 

Sofia Geambazi is the President chair of the UNHRC. She was born in Bucharest, Romania, into a Romanian and Aromanian family and lived there until moving to Barcelona in 2022. She is currently in 11th grade, this being her third year attending the American School of Barcelona. Sofia’s involvement in MUN started in 10th grade, participating in local and international conferences, such as BCNMUN, IMUN, and THIMUN. Sofia quickly developed a passion for Model United Nations, as it helped her overcome her reluctance to public speaking and strengthened her self assurance while also making her more knowledgeable concerning global issues, whether general or political. She also has a fondness for the opportunities and connections MUN has presented her with, allowing her to travel and experience captivating, new cities, and meet people from an extensive range of countries leading to persisting friendships with them since their initial encounter at the conferences. Sofia has been applauded for her leadership and inclusivity and is determined to make an amicable atmosphere and provide all the delegates in her committee with a remarkable experience in terms of enjoyability, participation, and academic development, ensuring that delegates’ opinions on MUN are influenced in the same positive manner that hers were.

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