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Maya Hanly is the president chair of UNHCR. She was born and raised in Ireland in an Irish/Indian family until the age of 7, she then moved to Barcelona. She has been at ASB for 6 years and is now an 11th grader. She joined MUN in 8th grade as soon as she could because of her love for debate, public speaking and policy making. Since then she has participated in 7 international and national MUN conferences as a delegate. Through MUN Maya has been able to expand her public speaking abilities, problem-solving skills and ability to entertain new perspectives, both thanks to interacting with international students and through representing countries with diverse political views. MUN has also benefitted Maya by widening her knowledge, as it helped her research a wide range of topics, which sparked interests she never knew she had. She hopes to be as encouraging as she can as a chair for both new and veteran delegates, as well as help them create great memories of MUN, much like she herself has.    


Jimena Cardenal is a chair of the Human Rights Council. She is currently a senior student in the American School of Barcelona. She started participating in Model UN conferences in 8th grade. She lived in Singapore, Thailand, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong for 7 years, and in Geneva and Zurich for another 7 years, moving to Barcelona in 2021. Throughout her Model UN experience, Jimena has attended a total of eight conferences all around the world, including conferences in The Hague (THIMUN), Lisbon (IMUN), St Petersburg (SPIMUN), and Barcelona (BCNMUN, BMUN, BIMUN). MUN is very important to her as she wishes to pursue a career in international relations, economics, politics, or law. She looks forward to participating in the 2023 BCNMUN Conference and is excited to see how the delegates debate the topics at hand!

Jan Pasquin Casadellà is a grade 12 student born in Girona, but lives in Barcelona and attends the American School of Barcelona, which he is new to. Jan joined MUN because he is passionate about the world of politics. He successfully represented Iran in the latest MUN conference, and developed many important skills, such as public speaking, debate skills, among others.

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