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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement for BCNMUN?

BCNMUN is catered towards high school students, spanning from grades 9-12 according to the American system (ages 14-18).

 By when should schools register for BCNMUN 2023?

85% of our spaces are filled! If you'd like to confirm your delegation please email

How can delegates travel around Barcelona?

BCNMUN recommends attendees purchase a public transport pass for 10 trips (T-Casual) for use inside the city. These can be purchased at various spots around the city, like metro entrances, tobacco shops, or the BCN tourist agency in Plaza Catalunya, but not on buses. A T-Casual pass costs €7.95 for One Zone, sufficient for travel in Barcelona itself, and riders can share this ticket provided they get on and off together. You can use the bus and metro system for up to 75 minutes; you can switch from bus to bus, metro to bus to tram, on a single ticket. A single trip ticket costs €2.40.

Metro lines are open from 5:00 to 24:00 Mon-Thurs, 5:00 to 2:00 on Fridays, Saturday all night and on Sunday until 24:00. Most day bus lines run from early morning until 23:00.

Can delegates use laptops/electronic devices?

BCNMUN will permit delegates to use laptops or tablets at all times for matters strictly related to the conference. Use of mobile phones will not be permitted. The inappropriate use of electronic devices may lead to the suspension of such privilege. For intra-delegate communication, delegate must use their official notepaper.

Will lunch be provided?

BCNMUN 2022 will not provide lunch. Due to the venue’s central location, attendees are requested to purchase their lunch at one of the many nearby restaurants or at the hotel ́s dining facilities.

What is the dress code?

All participants in BCNMUN, delegates, officers, administrative staff and directors, are expected to follow the basic THIMUN Dress Code during the whole conference. The main guidelines can be found in the DRESS CODE posted on our website. The dress code can also be found in more detail within the delegate center section of our website.

What are the possible delegation sizes?

Does the conference venue have Wi-Fi connection?

The NH Barcelona Collection Constanza Hotel will enable Wi-Fi connection to all the participants in all forums. If any concern arises, please refer to the Administrative Staff for guidance.

When does conference registration occur?

Delegates will register in the Universitat de Barcelona on Thursday morning Nov. 23rd. 

Will notepaper be provided?

BCNMUN will provide each delegate with a few sheets of notepaper, although we highly recommend delegates to bring additional note paper just in case. We encourage note passing through the Administrative Staff. Sample notepaper can be found in the THIMUN Basic Guideline posted on our website. We remind delegates that all messages must be written in English and be germane to conference issues. BCNMUN staff will provide amendment sheets to interested delegates during the debate.

When will Agenda Issues be detemined?

All agenda issues have been published in the respective committee tabs within the COMMITEES section.

Will Non-members delegations, such as the WHO, be able to participate on all votes?

To enable non-member delegation delegates to exercise full participation in BCNMUN 2022, we will permit non-member delegations to participate in all votes, as if they were member delegations.

 Where will BCNMUN 2022 be held?

BCNMUN 2022 will be held in the NH Barcelona Collection Constanza on Deu i Mata 69-99, located in the Les Corts neighborhood in Barcelona, right below the L’Illa shopping Mall on Diagonal. This hotel is well connected to tram and bus lines. You may consider looking at the VENUES section of the website.

BCNMUN 2023 will have five forums. Official sizes of each committee will be posted in October.

Will all delegations make an Opening Speech?

No, due to foreseen time constraints, each committee will follow different guidelines for opening speeches, to be decided by the president and chairs of that respective committee.

How can a delegate find clues to research issues or to draft a resolution?

We recommend delegates access our website and go to the delegate center for resources, and to find the Research Reports section where student officers will post a research report to guide delegates on each issue. Plus, there is a recommended sources for research section where delegates can access a list of recommended sites for research. To draft a resolution, we recommend delegates go to our delegate center and click on the resolution section where delegates can access documents related to resolutions. There delegates can also access the THIMUN Guides which include not only information on resolution but on many MUN aspects.

We recommend delegates pay close attention to proper format for resolutions, and ensure proper punctuation use is followed. For example, parentheses are only used to write an acronym after the name of an organization such as the World Health Organization (WHO), or a comma ends each preambulatory clause but a semi-colon ends each operative clause while a colon introduces a list of items. Remember, since delegates simulate the United Nations, resolutions must adhere to guidelines given and ensure proper English usage. To this end, we recommend delegates have access to journalism guides such as the Associated Press Stylebook plus dictionaries, including bi-lingual dictionaries.

How much does BCNMUN participation cost?

All participants pay an €145 fee for participation. Total cost for the conference depends on each school’s conditions and parameters. Non-local schools will have greater expenses to due travel and lodging fees than local schools.

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