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Aoife Stuhan is excited to be an expert chair in Security Council for BCNMUN 2024. Born on the West Coast of the US, she is Irish American and has lived in Barcelona since she was three years old. Although she attended a local Catalan school through first grade, she could not be more happy as a Junior at the American School of Barcelona. It is her fourth year in Model UN, and she has attended various conferences in and outside of Barcelona, though this will be her first time chairing. Participating in MUN has been an amazing experience for Aoife. It has helped her grow as a public speaker and allowed her to interact with current events and real-world happenings on a new level. She believes the MUN program is important for fostering empathy, hard work, and integrity. This makes MUN a valuable experience for any young person regardless of what field, political, scientific, or other, they intend to pursue later in life. She hopes that BCNMUN 2024 will present itself as an opportunity for both experienced and first-time delegates to make friends and be exposed to new perspectives. 


Martina Ribas Nielles Martina Ribas Nielles is a student in the class of 2025 at the American School of Barcelona. She was born and raised in Barcelona and has been involved in MUN for the past three years, enabling her to attend many conferences nationally and internationally. Since she was very little she started reading the newspaper on a daily basis and over time she became very passionate and drawn to this whole world of global issues. Subsequently, she has always been very opinionated. Therefore, when Martina discovered MUN, she found a place of belonging, of long-lasting friendships, and especially of personal growth: MUN hasn’t only enhanced her public speaking, critical thinking and leadership skills, but it has also taught her the power of negotiation and diplomacy in a highly globalized world. She has grown so fond of MUN that she aspires to pursue global politics and international relations in the future. As a chair, Martina desires to pass down her passion for world affairs to the delegates and create an inclusive and safe environment, promoting a sense of collaboration, enthusiasm and warmth among bright minds.


Alexis Magee is an expert chair of the Security Council. She was born in Houston, Texas, where she lived until age 12, at which point she moved to Barcelona. She is currently a junior at ASB, and started MUN in 8th grade. Since then, she has participated in 8 conferences, including IMUN, THIMUN, BCNMUN, BIMUN, and more. She credits MUN with helping her develop her love for current events and global politics, topics that she is passionate about and wants to continue to study in university. She believes that MUN, along with other activities such as NESDA, have allowed her to develop her public speaking skills and confidence in large groups, which are incredibly pertinent to a good conference. Furthermore, she enjoys MUN for the community that it creates and its ability to encourage contrasting perspectives and healthy debate which in turn allow for a more open-minded and educated conference. Alexis recognizes how much MUN has pushed her to grow and create some of her favorite memories, as well as the learning opportunities that it has caused. She looks forward to being able to impact that same experience on the delegates of the Security Council and see their growth and learning throughout BCNMUN.

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