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Danielle Schwartz is the president chair of the Security Council. She was born in Israel and has lived there for seven years, later moving to the Netherlands for nine years. This is her 2nd year at the American School of Barcelona, and she is currently in 12th grade. Danielle started participating in MUN in 8th grade, attending various in-person and online conferences such as MUNISH, BCNMUN, THIMUN, and MUNISA. Through MUN, Danielle has developed her public speaking and critical thinking skills. It has also given her more discipline, self-confidence and has helped her expand her knowledge of current events. MUN has given Danielle a chance to reflect critically on current events in an entertaining way while still being able to expand her general knowledge and interests. Danielle has many cherished memories from the various conferences she has attended in the past and hopes that during her time as a chair in BCNMUN 2023, she will create the best environment for the attendees to allow them to create their cherished memories.


Vanessa Shivprasad is one of the chairs of the Security Council. She is currently a senior in her second year of the International Baccalaureate at the American School of Barcelona and has lived in Spain for 3 years. Before that, she was living in Florida and has greatly enjoyed the experiences the transition has brought her. She fell in love with MUN as a sophomore after attending her first conferences at BIMUN and BCNMUN and realizing it gave her the opportunity to pursue her passions in politics, discussing current events, and public speaking. This program has helped her develop confidence, leadership, and research skills, and furthered awareness of major global issues that affect us all. She looks forward to chairing and hopes that BCNMUN 2023 offers all delegates an amazing and engaging experience, similar to the ones she has had in the past.


Marcos Garzo is one of the chairs for Security Council. He is a junior-year student at the American School of Barcelona with an affection for debating. He was born in Barcelona, Spain, but he lived for 2 years in Amsterdam, Holland. Marcos has been at ASB since kindergarten. Marcos has been involved in the MUN program for three years and highly enjoys debating and public speaking in front of his peers in school assignments. Through the several conferences that Marcos has attended, he has continued to develop his debating skills as well as his art of speaking out loud. Marcos believes that the Model United Nations program is an excellent opportunity to showcase your leadership, debating, and public speaking skills and a great experience for all students to build relationships with other delegates. He is honored to form part of the BCNMUN 2023 conference and looks forward to what he hopes will be a fun yet productive debate in the Security Council.

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