The American School of Barcelona has the pleasure to hold the ninths Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. This years executive team is composed of high school students from ASB who are truly passionate about global issues and MUN.

Secretary General

Elisabeth is the Secretary General of BCNMUN 2021 Pt. 2. As the Secretary General, she acts as the operational leader of the conference. Elisabeth was born in Amsterdam, but has spent the majority of her life around the area of Barcelona. As a junior, she is in her fifth year at the American School of Barcelona. She attended her first MUN conference in 8th grade and since then has participated in various conferences as a delegate, and has chaired at IMUN, BCNMUN, BIMUN and PSMUN. MUN has given her the opportunity to learn about critical global issues and to work on skills like debating and organization. It is there that she has been able to develop connections with some amazing individuals from all over the world. She is excited to be taking a new step as an MUN participant through an organizational role at this conference. Whether the conference be virtual or in person, she hopes that all delegates can leave BCNMUN 2021 Pt 2 having debated, grown and motivated to tackle global issues beyond MUN. 

Under-Secretary General of Administration

Emma is the Under Secretary General of Administration for BCNMUN 2021. The USG Admin is responsible for organizing the conference logistics, gathering all materials required for the event, training administrative staff, and is Master of Ceremonies at the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference. Emma has lived in both the United States and Spain, and moved to Barcelona 3 years ago. She began MUN as an 8th grader, and has never looked back since! Since then, she has attended 8 Model UN conferences, as a delegate and a chair.  Emma likes MUN because it is a way for students to think critically about the world around them, see different perspectives to topics, and find solutions to pressing issues while also having fun and meeting new people! Emma loves that each MUN conference she has gone to has helped her grow not only in MUN, but as a person as well, increasing her knowledge on world issues and helping her become a more confident public speaker. Being BCNMUN’s USG Admin is very important to her because she knows the power that a well-put together MUN conference can have on a person, and she hopes that this year’s BCNMUN will foster that positive change for all of those who participate! 

Under-Secretary General of Media

Carolina is the Under Secretary General for Media for the 2021 Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. The USG Media is in charge of all media for the MUN conference, including updating the website and social media. Carolina Alcaraz  is currently in her first year of the International Baccalaureate, at the American School of Barcelona. Born into a Spanish family, Carolina was raised in Barcelona and went to boarding school for 3 years in the UK.  Her passion for Model United Nations started during 8th grade in Middle School, and since then has been able to attend multiple conferences. She has taken on the role as delegate, and now USG Media. Carolina first joined MUN as she saw it as a great way to interact with people from different parts of the world and expand her knowledge on pressing issues that are affecting the world today. For Carolina being the Under Secretary General of Media is very important since media, and graphic communications are areas she is very passionate about and  is interested in pursuing later in her future. For Carolina, Model United Nations is important because it serves as a great way for students all around the world to come together and immerse in the situations that are affecting the world we live in and find solutions. Carolina is super excited for BCNMUN 2021  as she is certain it will be a huge success!

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Victoria is the Under-Secretary General of Finance for the 2022 Barcelona Model United Nations. She is in charge of controlling and balancing the finance part of MUN and ensuring that the rest of the conference runs smoothly due to that. She is currently a junior in her first year of the International Baccalaureate at the American School of Barcelona and has lived in Spain for 4 years.  Before that, she was raised in a Mexican family in San Francisco, California for the first 12 years of her life and has greatly enjoyed the experiences the transition has brought her. She fell in love with MUN last year after attending her first conferences at BCNMUN and THIMUN and realizing it gave her the opportunity to pursue her passions in politics and discussing current events. This along with her participation in ASB’s debate and math clubs led her to believe that she could best share these skills as USG of Finance to be a part of the behind-the-scenes work that is put towards creating the conferences she loves to attend. She hopes that, as the first year to return to in-person MUN, BCNMUN 2022 satisfies all delegates expectations and allows them to remember what a great conference truly looks like.

Under-Secretary General of Finance

Zach is the Debate Coordinator for BCNMUN 2021 fall edition. The Debate Coordinator is in charge of all of the chairs of the conference. His primary job is to train all of the chairs to learn the rules of procedure, and prepare them for all of the scenarios that may arise in the conference. Zach is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona, and has been living in Barcelona for 7 years, where he moved from New York City. Zach has had a passion for MUN since he joined in 8th grade, and has been an avid participant ever since. Although he enjoyed being a delegate, he always had a special interest in chairing, and was given the opportunity to chair BCNMUN 2021 in the Disarmament Committee, as well as IMUN and BIMUN, last year. Zach believes that MUN provides two distinct opportunities. The first is the ability to further academic skills, such as critical thinking, debate, and research, allowing participants to leave with a deeper understanding of global issues and their potential solutions. The second, is the opportunity to be in a fun, social environment, and the ability to meet new people from around the world. Zach hopes that as the Debate Coordinator, he will be able to ensure a high-quality and professional debate for all delegates, and help participants renew or discover their passions for MUN.

Debate Coordinator

Valentina is the Fundraising Coordinator for this year’s BCNMUN conference. She is in charge of fulfilling BCNMUN’s purpose to help transform the world by assembling a fundraising campaign with the aim of targeting a non profit organization to donate to. Valentina has been at the American School of Barcelona for 4 years now, and is in the first year of the IB program. Before being in Barcelona, Valentina was born and raised in San Francisco, California where she lived for 12 years. She is Mexican- American and living in Spain, with hopes to continue expanding her horizons. This is her fourth year taking part in MUN and she has attended 5 conferences since then. Being a part of MUN has taught her life long skills which she is eager to continue developing during this conference. Valentina has used her experience in MUN to improve her public speaking, and researching skills but more importantly she has used MUN to connect with people from all over the world which she believes to be one of the most important aspects of attending conferences. She has high hopes that this conference will be an engaging experience for all delegates. 

Fundraising Coordinator


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