The American School of Barcelona has the pleasure to hold the Seventh Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. This years executive team is composed of high school students from ASB who are truly passionate about global issues and MUN.

Secretary General

Antra Johary is the Secretary General of the 2019 Barcelona Model United Nations. The Secretary General acts as the operational leader of the conference. She is a senior at the American School of Barcelona and has been living in this city for five years now. Coming from India, a country that faces many struggles, she saw the potential to make an actual change in the world, for the better, through MUN. She joined as soon as she was eligible to participate in MUN- 8th grade- and has experienced every part of a conference since. Not only does she express her interests in debate and advocacy through MUN, she has also been part of the Student Council for two years. She also helps lead the school's 8th grade MUN elective, where she helps students learn and prep for their first MUN conference and helps them takes risks. She has attended many conferences through her time in the program as an engaged delegate, chair, admin and recently as the USG of Administration. MUN instills a multitude of characteristics imperative to future generations from global awareness, to taking risks and finding new passions, to becoming a more confident public speaker and to fostering a sense of urgency towards world issues. Antra hopes BCNMUN 2019 successfully achieves that and gives everyone attending a memorable experience.

Under-Secretary General of Administration

Arturo Arends is the Under Secretary General of Administration for BCNMUN 2019. The Under Secretary General of Administration works with all the logistics and arranging all the necessary locations, materials and transport needed to run the event. He is in charge of training the administrative staff and is also the master of opening and closing ceremonies. Arturo Arends was born in Venezuela, yet grew up in Curacao. He is currently a senior at the American School of Barcelona, and has been living and studying in Barcelona for three years. His journey with Model UN started his sophomore year of high school, his interest for MUN came from being very engaged with Venezuelan politics and trying to find solutions to major problems affecting the society.Since first joining MUN he has had the opportunity to be a delegate in multiple conference and will be able to chair later in the spring. For Arturo MUN represents a platform that allows for the spreading of ideas critical to finding the solutions to the problems that our generation is inheriting. For him the most important thing about being the USG of Administration is ensuring that those attending the conference see none of the technical difficulties of hosting a conference such as BCNMUN so that they can attend a smooth running conference that allows them to focus solely on the debate. Arturo hopes that BCNMUN 2019 will continue the progressive expansion of the conference as a whole, while at the same time running smoothly.

Under-Secretary General of Media

Mireia Lladó is the Under Secretary General for Media for the 2019 Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. The USG Media is in charge of all media for the MUN conference, including the design and updating of the website and social media. Mireia Lladó is currently in her second year of the International Baccalaureate, at the American School of Barcelona. Born to Bolivian, and Spanish parents, Mireia has lived and studied in Barcelona her whole life. Her passion for Model United Nations started her freshamn year in high school, and since then has been able to attend multiple conferences around Europe and in Barcelona, as delegate, admin, and will be able to chair later in the spring. Mireia first joined MUN as she saw it as a great way to interact with people from different parts of the world and expand her knowledge on current events that are affecting the world today. Mireia was given the opportunity to be the USG of Media for BCNMUN 2018, and is extremely honored to be given the position once more for the BCNMUN 2019 conference. For Mireia being the Under Secretary General of Media is very important since media, and graphic communications are areas she is very passionate about and hopes to pursue that path later in her future. For Mireia, Model United Nations is important because it serves as a great way for students all around the world to come together and immerse in the situations that are affecting the world we live in and find solutions. Mireia is very eager for BCNMUN 2019 this year as she is certain it will surpass last years.

Noah Kling is the Under-Secretary General of Finance for the 2019 Barcelona Model United Nations. The USG Finance is in charge of keeping track of the MUN account, payments, purchases, and will monitor the budget of the conference.  Noah is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona. Noah was born in the Netherlands, yet came from Canada eight years ago, and has been studying in Barcelona ever since. Noah was first introduced to the Model UN program through his sister who encouraged him to participate in his first BCNMUN conference three years ago, and ever since has been a prominent member of MUN participating in many conferences. For Noah MUN in important as it is a way for him to improve his public speaking skills, and meet new people from around the world. Through MUN Noah has been able to learn about new cultures, customs, and issues affecting the world, and ways in which people can come together to solve them. Being the USG of Finance is important to Noah since finance is something he is very passionate about. Noah hopes to be able to work his hardest for the conference in order to ensure a great conference.

Under-Secretary General of Finance

Daniel Riechmann is the Debate Coordinator of the 2019 Barcelona Model United Nations. He is a senior at the American School of Barcelona with a passion for debating and public speaking. Although he was born in Los Angeles, Daniel comes from a Spanish family. He lived in the United States for 6 years, moving to Barcelona in 2008. Daniel is currently involved in various programs that prepare students to deal with issues around the world. He holds a leadership position in RefugArt (an organization that raises funds and awareness for refugees), forms part of this year’s (and last year’s) Student Council, and is extensively involved his school’s MUN program, having attended a multitude of conferences both as a delegate and as a chair. He has been involved with NESDA (speech and debate) in the past, and also participates in spanish debate tournaments. Daniel believes that the Model United Nations program can provide an enriching experience for all students as it promotes a sense of global awareness, sharpens public speaking and debating skills, and fosters a passion for leadership crucial to our world’s future. As Debate Coordinator, it is his task to select and train chairs for the upcoming conference, as well as to fulfil other administrative duties. He is honored to form part of this year’s BCNMUN executive team and will, to the best of his ability, ensure that all Barcelona Model UN chairs strive for excellence.

Debate Coordinator

Adam Pearl is BCNMUN 2019’s Fundraising Coordinator. The Fundraising Coordinator operates major fundraising initiatives that serve to enrich the conference in a well-balanced manner between creativity and ingenuity. Born from french and american parents Adam Pearl was born in France, and has lived in Barcelona for the past eight years. Adam is currently a junior at the American School of Barcelona. Adam first joined Model United Nations as a freshman in order to improve his public speaking, and learn to defend his ideas in front of crowds. Since joining the Model United Nations program Adam has been able to participate in multiple MUN’s both as delegate and as admin. For Adam MUN is an opportunity to shape people’s voices and foster the invaluable character trait that is confidence. To see people grow throughout the week, speak up, and help sculpt their resolutions with ambitious goals and demands is what for Adam makes Model UN such a unique and special experience. Being BCNMUN’s Fundraising Coordinator is important for Adam since he sees fundraising as an indispensable bridge to the real world, allowing delegates who are incredibly passionate about their debate topics to actively contribute to the solutions being enacted around the globe. Seeing as lasts years conference was such a success Adam hopes to recreate the environment and debate, but add emphasis to the fundraising element.

Fundraising Coordinator


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