The American School of Barcelona has the pleasure to hold the eighth Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. This years executive team is composed of high school students from ASB who are truly passionate about global issues and MUN.

Secretary General

Pablo is the Secretary General of the 2021 Barcelona Model United Nations. The Secretary General acts as the operational leader of the conference. He is a senior at the American School of Barcelona and has been living in Barcelona for all of his life. As a native, he has had the chance to internationalise through MUN. He joined in 8th grade and has attended over eight conferences as a delegate mostly, but some as admin and one as a chair. His interest in debating global issues at MUN conferences has had a perfect balance with his participation and active community service in a Rotary Interact club at school, where he has been leading charity projects locally and internationally as president for two years. He has also been part of the Student Council for two years. For him, MUN is more than a chance to debate, learn about global issues and become a more powerful public speaker. It is an experience that enriches your perspective of what is happening around the world, gives you stability for future reasoning and in general gives you knowledge that will be employable in many aspects of life. That is why, Pablo hopes that BCNMUN 2021 will be a memorable, useful and fun conference for everyone attending.

Under-Secretary General of Administration

Emma is the Under Secretary General of Administration for BCNMUN 2021. The USG of Administration works with all the logistics and arranging all the necessary locations, transportation and materials to run the event. She is also in charge of training the administrative staff and is the master of ceremonies for the opening and closing ceremonies. Emma lived in the United States for 6 years and upon her return to Spain she joined the ASB community.  Her MUN career started her sophomore year when she went to her first conference, which happened to be BCNMUN 2018. After that first encounter she continued to go to international conferences such as SPIMUN, and became a chair for BCNMUN in 2019. Emmas feels that MUN is a platform where young students can exchange ideas and think critically of the issues that are so predominant in today’s society. As USG of Administration, it is of most importance that delegates are able to enjoy a smooth running conference where they will have the opportunity to debate topics that they are passionate about. Emma hopes that this BCNMUN will be the best one yet, with fun and productive debate.

Under-Secretary General of Media

Lola is the Under Secretary General for Media for the 2021 Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. The USG Media is in charge of all media for the MUN conference, including updating the website and social media. Lola Hugas is currently in her first year of the International Baccalaureate, at the American School of Barcelona. Born into a Spanish family, Lola was raised in London and moved to Barcelona at age 11.  Her passion for Model United Nations started during 8th grade in Middle School, and since then has been able to attend multiple conferences such as THIMUN, in The Hague and SPIMUN, in St. Petersburg. She has taken on the role as delegate, chair, and now USG Media. Lola first joined MUN as she saw it as a great way to interact with people from different parts of the world and expand her knowledge on pressing issues that are affecting the world today. For Lola being the Under Secretary General of Media is very important since media, and graphic communications are areas she is very passionate about and  is interested in pursuing later in her future. For Lola, Model United Nations is important because it serves as a great way for students all around the world to come together and immerse in the situations that are affecting the world we live in and find solutions. Lola is super excited for BCNMUN 2021  as she is certain it will be a huge success!

Josh is the Under-Secretary General of Finance for the 2021 Barcelona Model United Nations.  As the USG of Finance, Josh is responsible for keeping track of the entire MUN financial account, ensuring that detailed records are maintained for the smooth running of the conference.  Josh has extensive experience in finance roles. He currently serves as the Treasurer for the American School of Barcelona’s Student Council. He is also in charge of the finances with Feed Barcelona, an NGO founded by teenagers for teenagers, with a goal of reducing hunger in schools. Josh is from Seattle, Washington, and moved to Barcelona when he was in 7th grade. He made a conscious decision when he came to ASB to be fully engaged in extracurricular activities. His brother, Jacob Anderson, served as the Secretary-General of BCNMUN in 2018, which sparked the MUN interest for Josh. He was a delegate as a 9th grader as well as an administrative assistant for the media team. In 10th grade, Josh was elected Head of Forum for BCNMUN 2019. He thoroughly enjoyed this experience and was fortunate to have had an inside view of the behind-the-scenes operations of an MUN conference. Josh is excited to be a part of the Executive Board for BCNMUN 2021.  He believes MUN provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to come together as a community to discuss important issues affecting the world.

Under-Secretary General of Finance

Joe is the Debate Coordinator of the 2021 Barcelona Model United Nations. The Debate Coordinator’s primary job is to train the chairs to implement the rules of procedure and deal with any extraordinary scenarios that may come up during the conference. Joe is currently a senior at the American School of Barcelona and has been studying there since he came as a freshman in 2017. Before that Joe lived in Lebanon for six years after moving there because of the conflict in Syria. Joe’s passion for MUN is derived from his interest in politics and a the failure of finding a solution to the conflict in Syria. Joe started participating in MUN during his sophomore year in which he was also selected as a chair for BCNMUN 2019 and served as the president of Security Council. Joe believes that MUN allows anyone participating regardless of their position to have a deeper insight on global issues and use their creativity in order to find solutions to the global issues debated. Joe hopes that as the Debate Coordinator he can ensure high-quality debate which would motivate future generations to lead initiatives that would tackle global issues. 

Debate Coordinator

Karim is BCNMUN 2021’s Fundraising Coordinator. He is originally from Lebanon, and has lived most of his life in Dubai, UAE. In 2018, he moved to Barcelona and has since been studying at the American School of Barcelona. Karim has spent most of his time being involved in various extracurricular activities such as competitive swimming, trail running, volleyball, and music . He has also led and been part of several community and service oriented projects such as volunteering and collaborating with the Red Cross in Abu Dhabi. After experiencing MUN as first a delegate and admin, Karim has decided to take on being part of the Executive Board of BCNMUN to push himself further, experience new challenges and to build essential leadership, organisation and teamwork skills. Karim is looking forward to contributing to BCNMUN and giving this year’s participants a memorable and enriching experience. 

Fundraising Coordinator


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