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Alexandra Doménech is one of the chairs for the DISC committee. She was born in Valencia, Spain, and has lived there for all her life. She first started MUN in 6th grade, and since then has gone on to participate in over 10 conferences. Model United Nations has played a big role in both her personal and professional development, and thus has proved to be a defining aspect of her life. Having served as an admin, delegate, and chair, she is able to understand and sympathize with all aspects of conferences. She looks forward to being a part of BCNMUN 2022, and hopes for a fun yet productive conference. 

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Maria Belousova is one of the chairs for the DISC committee. Currently a junior at Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, she has a high interest in international relations and politics. Originally from Moscow, Maria has lived in Spain for over 7 years. As an individual Maria is also passionate about art, judo, volleyball and physics. Her MUN career started in 9th grade, and helped her develop many future goals through learning experiences in international affairs. She has had the privilege to experience MUN from different perspectives, taking the role of delegate several times, as well as chairing international conferences in committees like Security Council and UNHRC. She believes MUN provides deep insight into the political, cultural and economic issues the world is facing, and sees conferences as a chance to connect with people from all around the world with similar interests and passions. Some of her best memories have been at MUN, and as a chair in the Disarmament Committee Maria hopes to make this BCNMUN conference an amazing experience for all delegates, similar to the ones she has had in the past.

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Alvaro Martin is a chair of the committee DISC. He was born in Barcelona and has lived there for all his life, except for two years where he lived in Washington D.C. Right now he is in 11th grade and is attending his 8th year in the American School of Barcelona. Alvaro joined MUN in 10th grade because he loves to debate and learn about issues all over the world. Alvaro has only attended 2 MUN conferences but he has learned so much in these two conferences that he has been motivated to start chairing so that other people can experience the wonderful feelings that he felt when he attended his first Model United Nations conference. The MUN experience has helped Alvaro develop his social confidence and make new friends. Apart from that Alvaro has also broadened his global perspective and his public speaking has greatly improved. It has helped him see the world in a different perspective and to learn more about the global issues that govern our present.

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