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Evaluating the ethics and legality behind abortion

Black Markets: The responsibility of the modern world in monitoring and reducing the illegal transfer of black listed drugs and substances.

Fake News: setting standards to balance the media’s right to expression and the public’s right to truthful news.


Discussing the role of energy as a means to develop the world sustainably

 Misinformation: Questioning the widespread gender bias in textbooks across different education systems.

Questioning the role of artificial intelligence in modern day societies


The question of legalizing worldwide euthanasia and assisted suicide as legal medical practices

Establishing and maintaining political neutrality when delivering humanitarian aid.

Combatting the consequences of medical misinformation regarding the Ebola crisis in Eastern and Western Africa


Combating the threat of Russian disinformation intervention in NATO member state elections

Determining the role of the United States in the future of NATO

Ensuring the cybersecurity of NATO member states in regards to the emergence of 5G technologies


Discussing the regulation of private military contractors and their role in conflict resolvement

Security of the Press: Ensuring Protection for Journalists in Latin America