BCNMUN 2021Chosen Resolutions

Below are last year's chosen resolutions! 


Implementing Global Measures to Minimise the Risk and Impact of Future Pandemics

Setting Global Standards for International Intervention to Ensure Global Safety and the Protection of Human Rights

Capital punishment: questioning the legality and ethics behind the death penalty


Combating the Trafficking of Persons in Conflict and Post-Conflict Regions

Protecting the Cyber Privacy and Digital Rights of Citizens from Governments in Times of Crisis

Combating Police Brutality in Cases of Political Protest (Resolution will be posted tomorrow)

Security Council

The Technological Era: Preventing the Spread of Terrorism through Social Media

The Nagorno-Karabakh Region: Finding a Solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

A History of Occupation: Development in the Israel-Palestine Conflict


 Implementing Global Measures on the Distribution and Acquisition of Firearms.

Establishing Global Measures in order to Prevent the use and

Fabrication of Chemical and Biological Weapons

Establishing International Security Through Regional Measures: The Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace.

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