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Alexia Ibarra is one of the chairs for the General Assembly. She is a senior at the American School of Barcelona with an interest towards international relations. She was born in the United States and lived there for the majority of her life until she was almost twelve, when she moved to Barcelona to fulfill her High School education here. Alexia began participating in MUN conferences during her freshman year as a way to meet like minded people with similar interests. Her attention shifted during confinement, but she has returned to MUN after realizing that her previous international conferences have provided different insight on social, political and cultural problems all around the world. She believes that MUN helps individuals grow to be leaders one day, discover true passions, become more confident in themselves, and form lasting friendships with people all over the world. The skills acquired in conferences such as BCNMUN can be applied to many other aspects of life and are ultimately beneficial in the long run. Some of her best memories have been at MUN and hopes that everyone can enjoy their time as much as she did in the past.

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Eva Didenko is one of the chairs for the General Assembly. Eva is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, but was born and raised in Barcelona. She has lived in a total of 4 countries over her lifetime including the US, and the UK, sparking her interest in international politics. Her multicultural coming of age has made her appreciate such events as MUN conferences for the diversity of people with at least one common interest. She is passionate about public speaking and debate, and has a long history of participation at MUN. Starting from 8th grade she has MUN to thank for developing her leadership and debate skills, as well as being the common factor in many new friendships. She looks forward to watching all the delegate’s diplomatic resolutions of conflicts, agreement, meeting new people and most of all a fruitful debate.

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Pau Tong Lin Xu is currently a senior at Benjamin Franklin International School. He lived in Barcelona his entire life until he moved to Shanghai for a period of time in 2019 and now he is back here. Apart from MUN, Pau is also interested in sports such as tennis and fencing, and enjoys subjects like math and computer science. Pau is looking forward to his third time chairing. He enjoys MUN because he sees it as a way to improve an individual’s debating and critical thinking skills, while opening the mind to new perspectives on global issues. Pau is particularly interested in the topics that will be discussed in the GA committee because they are imminent issues whose consequences have been exacerbated in recent times and whose solutions have generated huge controversies.

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