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BCNMUN 2022 

The American School of Barcelona has the pleasure to hold the tenth Barcelona Model United Nations Conference. This years executive team is composed of high school students from ASB who are truly passionate about global issues.

Secretary General

Yann Grechez is the Secretary General for BCNMUN 2022. The Secretary General acts as the operational leader of the conference. Yann Grechez is originally French but has lived his entire life in Barcelona, Spain. He is currently a Senior student in the American School of Barcelona, where he has been for 13 years. He received his first approach to MUN in 8th grade, for which he instantly developed a passion. With a particular interest in international politics, and a strong suit for debate & discourse, his high school career has been filled with extracurricular activities regarding global politics; the main one being MUN. With 8 conferences on his back, filled with unforgettable experiences as a delegate and chair, he is honored to take the role of Secretary General in BCNMUN 2022 and prepared to assume the responsibility that comes with it.  

USG Administration

Valentina Alvarez is the Under Secretary General of Administration for BCNMUN 2022. The USG Admin works with all the logistics and arranging all the necessary locations, materials and transport needed to run the event. She is in charge of training the administrative staff and is also the master of opening and closing ceremonies. Valentina Alvarez is Mexican-American and was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She’s lived in Barcelona for five years now and it is her fourth year at the American School of Barcelona. She is a returning member of the executive board in her senior year of high school. Valentina joined MUN after finding interest in public speaking and international relations. She has taken part in MUN since 8th grade and has attended numerous international conferences since then.  MUN has been a way for Valentina to gain leadership skills, collaborate with others and make lifelong friends from all over the world. She believes MUN can bring unforgettable experiences to students and strongly encourages taking part in MUN as a way to grow and eventually flourish. Her knowledge and experience as an MUN participant will help to make BCNMUN 2022 the best that it can be. 

USG Media

Lang Liu is the Under Secretary General of Media for BCNMUN 2022. The USG Media is in charge of all media for the MUN conference, such as designing and updating the website and social media. Originally from Shanghai, Lang has always had a great interest in learning more about different cultures and making friends around the world. Lang can also speak seven languages, a skill which is regarded by his friends to be his greatest particularity. He has cultivated a high interest in linguistics and wishes to keep learning more languages in the future. Lang started his MUN career in 8th grade. Whenever he gets the chance, Lang always chooses to represent delegations with a controversial position. He believes that this is the best approach to have the most fun and receive the best learning experience in MUN debates. BCNMUN X is going to be the first return of live debate since the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why he believes that his position carries extra responsibilities this year. Lang will employ his graphics design skills in order to provide all participants with professional and convenient resources for every regard of the MUN experience. 

Victoria Alvarez is the Under-Secretary General of Finance for BCNMUN 2022. She is in charge of controlling and balancing the finance part of this year’s BCNMUN and ensuring that the rest of the conference runs smoothly due to that. She is currently a senior in her first year of the International Baccalaureate at the American School of Barcelona and has lived in Spain for 4 years.  Before that, she was raised in a Mexican family in San Francisco, California for the first 12 years of her life and has greatly enjoyed the experiences the transition has brought her. She fell in love with MUN last year after attending her first conferences at BCNMUN and THIMUN and realizing it gave her the opportunity to pursue her passions in politics and discussing current events. This along with her participation in ASB’s debate and math clubs led her to believe that she could best share these skills as USG of Finance to be a part of the behind-the-scenes work that is put towards creating the conferences she loves to attend. She hopes that BCNMUN 2021 Pt 2 satisfies all delegates' expectations and that everyone can experience a great conference.

USG Finance

Gabriel Rodgers is the Debate Coordinator for BCNMUN 2022. He was born in Barcelona and has lived all of his life here. He is currently in 11th grade, attending his sixth year at the American School of Barcelona. Gabriel joined MUN in 8th grade because of his love for geopolitics, debating, public speaking, and solving worldwide issues. This will be his 9th MUN conference, and being one of the youngest people to attend BCNMUN, he can say that MUN has helped him develop confidence, leadership, and communication skills, as well as making him aware of the many significant problems that the world is facing. The program has helped him hone his debate and public speaking skills, have the ability to meet diverse groups of people, make great connections, and it has helped him understand the importance of solving the geopolitical, humanitarian, and medical issues facing the world. MUN has given Gabriel his most treasured memories, and he hopes that as Debate Coordinator he can make it possible for a new generation of MUNers to be able to have the incredible experiences that he has had, as well as acquire the important skills that have made him a skilled debater and MUNer.

Debate Coordinator

Nikola Radakovic is the Fundraising Coordinator for BCNMUN 2022. The Fundraising Coordinator operates major fundraising initiatives that serve to enrich the conference in a well-balanced manner between creativity and ingenuity. Nikola was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, yet he spent most of his childhood in Belgrade, Serbia. At the age of 10, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he is currently a senior in the American School of Barcelona. Since the start of his Model United Nations journey in 8th grade, Nikola has attended multiple conferences, where he saw many areas of improvement in fundraising and commercializing merchandise. This along with his genuine interest in finance and event planning makes him proud to be the fundraising coordinator of BCNMUN 2022. 

Fundraising Coordinator


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